Day 30…WUFPAC…

Today I’m going talk about politics.  I don’t do that often here, but I think this is really important, so I’ve made an exception to my “no politics” rule.

Earlier today, J and I were watching Fox News (I know! It was under protest on my part) and they were talking about the fiscal cliff.  The fiscal cliff makes me crazy…because I don’t understand how Congress and the president have let this come down to the last minute…again.  They still haven’t learned to work together or compromise…they just get on TV and finger point and name call and refuse to take any responsibility for anything.  They are worse than six-year-olds.

There are a lot of problems with our political system…far too many for me to list here.  But, in my opinion, one of those problems is the underrepresentation of women.  Now, I don’t think that electing more women to office is going to magically fix the country…but women under 40 are nearly absent from elected office.  These women are working professionals, mothers and caretakers.  They can offer a different perspective that is important to the political conversation.

Luckily, there is an organization that promotes women in office.  The Women Under Forty Political Action Committee or WUFPAC was created to help elect young women to office so they get an equal voice in shaping public policy and also to help those women build seniority.  WUFPAC is also bipartisan and they support women of varying political backgrounds.

Consider making a donation to support more women in elected office.  And if you are feeling really ambitious, find out how you can get WUFPAC to support your run for office.


**Note that this is a political action committee and donations to this organization are not tax-deductible.