On the 10th day of Christmas…

Last night I was up very late wrapping presents…which is my 10th favorite thing about Christmas.  The whole wrapping process is a big deal for me.  And it is a process. 

It starts out in late November, when the search for the perfect wrapping paper begins.  Some things you should know…

  • I rarely use the same paper twice and definitely not in consecutive years.
  • The paper has to match the dominant color of the tree’s decorations…for example, this year, it’s silver…silver decorations and gold wrapping are a no-no.
  • There have to be two complimentary papers so I can mix and match.
  • All packages get a bow or ribbon and there have to be at least four different ribbons.
  • Gift bags are used only in rare cases when a box would be impossible and they must match the paper as well.

Some of you are thinking I’m out of my head with these rules, but it’s well established that I’m a control freak…does any of this really come as a surprise?  I didn’t think so. 

There have been years in the past where this search for paper takes weeks and visits to 10 different stores.  This year, though, I found paper I liked pretty quickly.  I went with a white paper with black writing and little red Santas and a coordinating red paper.  The ribbons are silver, white and black with white polka dots. 

I also decided to turn my den into the wrapping room.  I figured it would be best to contain the chaos to one room instead of having everything all over the dining room and living room like I usually do.  And, belive me, it was chaos…

Please excuse the border...we haven't gotten around to taking the wallpaper down and repainting this room yet.


The growing pile of wrapped gifts.


You thought I was joking about the ribbon, didn't you?


The wrapping started Saturday morning and continued last night…until really late.  I’m about 90% of the way done now.  I only have the really heavy stuff left and I’ll probably finish up tonight, after I grocery shop for Christmas Eve dinner.

I put all the wrapped presents under the tree last night and got a few quick shots this morning before I left for work…

Of course…all that work and hours spent wrapping presents will be undone in under 10 minutes.  At least they will look pretty under the tree for a few days. 

I’m very excited about today’s presents.  In addition to being a wrapping-paper control freak, I’m also an avid reader and I have been since I was a little kid.  As much as I liked to watch Christmas movies, I also always really enjoyed reading Christmas stories.  Today I’m going to give someone a few of my favorites…

And lastly…my very favorite Christmas book ever…in the version that I grew up with and still resides on my bookshelf to this day…

They story is obviously always the same, but the illustrations in this book are beautiful.  It was not easy to track down a good copy of this book…which is not surprising considering it’s from 1976.  But I finally managed to find one with only slight wear at the edges.  I hope whoever gets this will love it as much as I do. 

So…have you wrapped your gifts yet?  Are you particular about your paper and ribbons and bows?  What is your favorite Christmas book?