Random Musings Friday…

It’s back!  Random Musings Friday has been gone for a while, but I’ve been taking tons of notes and today I’m bringing you all kinds of random.


  • The other day, a friend sent me a text message.  It said “He was taken in at 6 AM.”  This was a continuation of the conversation we’d had the night before about her father having surgery.  But my first thought when I read the message was “Arrested!?!?  What could he have been arrested for???”  And then I realized that “taken in” was not referring to jail, but to the operating room.  I think I have been watching too many crime shows lately.
  • Can someone please explain to me the logic of wearing flip flops, a sundress and no tights with a winter coat?  There is a woman I see on the train all the time who dresses like this.  It had to get down to 20 degrees for her to finally wear proper footwear and legwear.  I think there needs to be a rule…when you have to wear a winter coat, gloves and a hat, you have to wear actual shoes too.
  • I was waiting to cross the street the other day and I overheard the conversation going on behind me.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  It was a woman and a man and the man said “Geez…couldn’t you at least have brought it in a bag?”  I was so curious as to what “it” was…until I heard “I’m pretty sure I’m going to be the only guy on the train carrying around the DVD set of Downton Abbey.”  As he walked across the street, I noticed him trying to hide the DVDs under his jacket.
  • Yesterday I saw a sign that was spelled wrong and I had to wonder how many people saw that sign BEFORE it was printed and didn’t catch the very obvious error.  I figure it was at least two…the person who ordered it and the person who made it.  Did neither of them notice?  Did they both think it was correct?  I see stuff like this a lot and it worries me about the state of education in this country.
  • And lastly…you know you are talking to your best friend when you say “Can we drive two hours with your six month old in the car to go see Foamhenge and a few other odd little things?” and she responds “You had me at Foamhenge.”  It’s a special thing when you find someone who will not only tolerate stupid crap like that for you, but who is actually equally excited about it.  Just like she was when I told her that there was a house made of headstones in her new town and she made sure we drove by it.


And that, my friends, is all the random I have for you this week.  Have a fabulous weekend!