What smells so good???

When I did Weight Watchers a bunch of years ago, I spent a lot of time at meetings and reading the message boards.  I often heard this thought expressed…”I can’t even eat fast food/pizza/cheeseburgers/Chinese food anymore.  Even the smell of it makes me sick.”  Every time I heard someone say that, I would roll my eyes and think “Bullshit!”.  Maybe for some people that’s true…but I think the majority of people who made that claim were just trying to convince themselves it was true. 

Personally, I would never say something like that…because that would never be true for me.  Even after I’d been on Weight Watchers and even after I’d lost 50 pounds and even after I was wearing jeans that made my ass look so good that even Erin commented on it…even then, I still craved salty fries and greasy burgers.  Pizza, too…in my house we live by the theory that even bad pizza is good pizza.  And in my world…there is nothing better than Chinese food.  I swear I’d eat it every day. 

Those kinds of cravings are exactly why I decided to go with Jenny Craig this time around instead of going back to Weight Watchers.  Especially in the beginning, I wanted a strict plan that didn’t give me a lot of wiggle room.  Because I can justify eating just about anything on Weight Watchers…but then I pay for it later.

I’ve been doing great so far with the JC food.  I’ve been sticking to the plan and not feeling hungry and I really haven’t been tempted. 

Until this weekend. 

This weekend practically killed me.  All I wanted to do was eat.  I wanted to eat the pigs in blanket I made for J and my grandfather for lunch…and the cheese and crackers and pepperoni I put out for them.  I wanted the stromboli that J ate for dinner.  I wanted to eat the home-made chocolate chip cookies I made, stacked three on top of each other…possibly with cake frosting in between.  I wanted popcorn and chips and cereal and ice cream and pizza…man, did I want pizza. 

I had to keep reminding myself that I was doing so great and I didn’t want to blow all the good I’ve done so far for a stupid mini hot dog or a plain chocolate chip cookie.  I want to wait for Ally to buy me dinner so I can splurge on the best brownie sundae ever made.  And I want to be able to fit more comfortably in the chair while I’m eating it!  On Sunday morning, when I put on my formerly tight jeans and they were somewhat loose and soooo comfortable, my resolve to avoid the “bad” foods was strengthened.  I could do this!

Until I got into the car with a bag from Burger King. 

I was out running errands and I stopped to pick up lunch for J.  A whopper with cheese, french fries and onion rings…things I love.  And they smelled so freaking good.  I absolutely lost all willpower and I couldn’t take it another second. 

I ate a french fry.  And an onion ring. 

Just one of each, but one was enough.  They were the best BK fry and onion ring I’ve ever tasted.  I ate each one slowly and really tasted it…instead of mindlessly shoving them in my mouth while watching tv.  Delicious. 

It didn’t completely kill my cravings and I still wanted cookies and cheese later on…and not at the same time…but I was able to make do with my tuna salad and crackers and salad.  I also made some fresh zucchini last night and it was so good that I could almost ignore the pizza J was scarfing down.

Almost!  I did take a few deep sniffs of it though…and it smelled terrific.