Monday Musings…

Happy Monday!  I’m not usually so enthusiastic about Mondays, but I’m trying to be positive this week.  We have a tax deadline and it’s going to be busy…so I thought a positive attitude might help.  We’ll see.

In the meanwhile…here’s what I’m thinking about today…

  • I watched This Is 40 over the weekend.  A lot of my friends watched it before me and told me they didn’t like it.  Everyone said it was too much like real life.  I thought it was a lot like real life also…but in a good way.  See…sometimes I think J and I are crazy and I worry that everyone else has their shit together.  Then I watch a movie like this and I realize that, no, it’s not just us.  Everyone is crazy and no one has their shit together and life is messy and that’s just how it’s supposed to be.  Movies like this make me feel more normal.
  • I was talking to my SIL, who is a third grade teacher, and she told me about their new curriculum for this year.  Apparently, they are no longer teaching spelling and penmanship in school.  Also…they aren’t giving out grades anymore.  I don’t know why, but I have to wonder if it’s because they want to downplay competition between the kids.  I see this all being a disaster.  I feel like they are encouraging a generation of entitled brats who lack motivation, use text-speak because they can’t actually spell and who don’t know how to write.  I really hope this is just a thing they are trying and that they go back to a normal curriculum next year.
  • There has been horrible gridlock in the city these past few weeks and it’s a symphony of honking horns.  The thing I don’t understand is why people insist on making so much noise.  You can honk your horn as much as you’d like…it’s not going to make the gridlock disappear.  All it’s going to do is annoy the people around you.  So please…lay off the horns people.
  • I watched Jeopardy the other night.  It always makes me feel really stupid…because I can only answer about 40% of the questions.  I prefer the teen tournaments…I’m pretty good at those.  And Rock n’ Roll Jeopardy.  I killed Rock n’ Roll Jeopardy.

One last thing for this week.  My cousin is waiting on some news about selling her house.  Her potential buyer is taking his sweet time coming up with a signed contract and that’s supposed to be happening today.  If you guys could say a little prayer or send out some good wishes that this thing goes her way I would really appreciate it.  This sale going through will be a life changing event for her and I know she would appreciate any positivity we can send her way today.

Have a great week everyone!