I’m always up for a challenge…

So, a few weeks ago Salt threw down a challenge.  Here are the rules…first, I am supposed to post 5 pictures that I love and why I love them.  Then I’m supposed to tell you 5 things I like about myself.  I’m always up for a challenge and while it took me a little while to gather the photos (they were on two different computers) I’m finally finished.  Here we go…

This was taken at a koi pond in Battery Park City.  J and I decided to go out for a walk and we got caught in the rain about 15 blocks from J’ apartment.  Normally, I would have freaked because I don’t like to get wet unless I’m in the shower, but this was before J knew how high maintenance I really was so I was trying to not be one of those girls who freaks out when it starts to rain.  We passed a new apartment building that had just opened so we decided to go in and take a tour to try to wait out the rain.  They took us to see a two bedroom apartment which was gorgeous…floor to ceiling windows, bamboo floors, marble bathroom, granite counters, amazing views of the Statue of Liberty and the George Washington Bridge.  The broker casually mentioned that the monthly rent was $6,500 and J was all Mr. Big “I got it” like we could ever afford that rent and, with a straight face, actually said to the woman “That seems reasonable for this neighborhood.”  By time we left I was practically crying from trying to hold in my laughter.  It was still raining when we came out, but we decided to walk back to the…much less expensive…apartment anyway.  I took this shot on the way back and whenever I look at it I remember J trying to be all cool instead of yelling WHAT??? and running away and it makes me laugh.

This was taken in the NYC apartment, not long after we got Sadie.  J had just taught her how to high-five him.  Notice how she’s staring off to the side.  She was looking at the hand with the treat in it as opposed to actually looking at J.  I love it because he spent hours trying to teach her to do that trick and he was so proud of her when she finally learned.  I had just walked in the door when I took this…she had mastered it while I was out and he couldn’t wait to show it to me.  The whole thing was rather adorable.

This is Sofie the day we brought her home.  It’s my very favorite pic of her.  She was just so damn cute.  She had totally tired herself out trying to play with Sadie, who wanted nothing to do with her.  She just threw herself down onto her new bed and a minute later was fast asleep.  She was so tiny that her whole body fit into the little puppy bed.  The bed is still in our bedroom…but now it’s just a pillow.  She’s such a big moose that the rest of her no longer fits.

I’ve posted this pic before but it’s truly a favorite of mine.  There was my sister-in-law, little miss prim and proper, wearing a $12,000 wedding dress and dripping in diamonds, standing in the middle of this gorgeous ball room, following the most elegant wedding I’ve ever seen…drinking Cristal out of the bottle because she couldn’t find a glass.  My parents had given them the bottle and some toasting flutes as a Christmas present and they hadn’t gotten to drink the entire thing, but she didn’t want the rest to go to waste.  So, in true P. Diddy fashion, she downed the last quarter of a bottle.  I love it because it’s so her.  She seems so elegant and sophisticated, but she’s not going to let good booze go to waste…no matter what.  She’s my kind of people!

And lastly, here is my favorite picture of me ever taken.  I am notoriously un-photogenic and this is actually a good picture.  This was taken about 7 years ago in my old, pre-J apartment…notice the lavender walls.  We were going to J’s brother’s engagement party and I was wearing this fabulous dress and these shoes that were just to die for.  I had been on a diet and lost like 50 pounds right before this and I looked pretty good at that party.  J’s mom came up to me at one point and said that J’s cousins kept coming up to her, asking who the girl with J was.  I looked so good that no one recognized me!  I’ve been keeping this photo out to remind myself of how hot I once was and how fabulous that dress was.  It was very Audrey Hepburn and I’m dying to wear it again. 

Now…for five things I like about myself…

  1. My eyes…they are a gold-ish green color and I have a freckle in the right one, which a friend used to always tell meant that I could never be a spy!
  2. I’m a great baker.  I love to bake because I find it relaxing…but also because I love to watch people enjoy something that I’ve made.  I made this Hawaiian Sunset cake for J’s mother’s birthday this weekend and everyone raved about it.  It made me so happy to see that it was gone by the end of the party.  I’m not going to lie…I like hearing the compliments too. 
  3. I have good hair.  It’s fine, but there’s a lot of it so it looks kind of thick and it’s just a little bit wavy.  I just got had a Brazilian Keratin treatment done to it and now it’s smooth and shiny and even on a bad hair day it usually looks ok.  Plus, thanks to my hairdresser Robert, it’s the most awesome shade of blondish caramel. 
  4. I’m good at managing my money.  You’d think that would be a no-brainer since it’s basically what I do for a living, but no, I used to be fantastically bad about my own funds.  However, I’ve completely turned things around…I have no debt and a pretty decent savings account for the first time ever and I can stick to a budget like nobody’s business.
  5.  People tell me I give really good advice…even though I often don’t follow what I suggest to other people!  I guess I fall into the school of do as I say, not as I do.   I guess I’m a pretty good listener too.

Wow…that shouldn’t have been difficult, but it was.  Know what I don’t like…talking about myself. 

So there you have it…more things you know about me.  Hope you enjoyed it.