When life gets in the way…

I was doing great at the beginning of the year.  I had made resolutions and I was sticking to them.  I had a schedule every day and I was sticking to it.  I was getting things done.  Making progress.  It was all going so well.

And then life happened.  A new baby was born and I want to spend every free minute I have with her.  Work got busy, as work always does this time of year.  But several of my co-workers are on maternity leave and I’m covering for them.  So my busy season started earlier and is busier than normal.  J’s busy season has been…I think hellish is the only appropriate word…and when he’s up working late, I don’t sleep well.  Mostly because he’s laying next to me in bed with all the lights on and his computer propped up on a pillow, clicking his mouse every two seconds.  Click-click, click-click.  It doesn’t make for a conducive sleeping environment.  (It does make for excellent torture if you are ever looking for an effective method.)

Life has gotten in the way of all the great stuff that was happening.  My schedule went right out the window as soon as my clients started calling non-stop.  Also, when offered baby snuggling time, the plan to clean out the pantry gets much less appealing. Once I’m done working, I’m too tired to actually do anything but stare at the TV.  I can barely get through a show without falling asleep halfway through.  Reading…what’s that?  I’ve been reading the same book for a month and a half.  And while I have managed to keep up with some of my New Year’s resolutions, all forward progress on the list has come to a screeching halt.

The good news is that I’m actually keeping up with the things I started in January.  I’ve been getting healthy.  I re-joined Weight Watchers and things have been going great.  The new program really goes well with the no sugar plan I was doing before, but it gives me more freedom than the other plan so I can eat an English muffin for breakfast instead of a hemp/chia seed almond butter smoothie.  (God, those were so nasty.)

I’ve been taking care of myself.  I started getting weekly manicures and monthly massages and facials.  I bought anti-aging skin care products because I have come to grips with the fact that I’m no longer 20 and now I have wrinkles.  I stopped spending the entire day in my pajamas.  I mean, I’m only putting on yoga pants and a t-shirt most of the time.  But it’s better than just changing from one set of pajamas to another.

I got my finances back on track.  After months of not updating Quicken, I finally updated everything.  I put myself on a budget.  I restarted auto-savings.  I increased my 401k contribution.  I did my tax return the day my W-2 became available.

It’s definitely a good start, but there are more things on the list.  I have to make a couple of doctor appointments.  I have to start wearing sunscreen.  I have to go back to my morning exercise routine.  I have to finish a couple of books.  There are lots of things left to do.

Last night, as I was driving home from a 1st birthday party that I had almost completely forgotten about, I realized that things were starting to unravel.  While I know that life isn’t perfect, I also know it can’t be a complete disaster.  Complete disasters make me unhappy.  So as soon as I got home I sat down and made a schedule for the week.  I even scheduled out what time I would eat breakfast and when I would take a shower and when I would walk the dogs.  It’s probably overkill, but I thought it best to start with overkill and let it evolve into what works.

The point, I guess, is that life is always going to get in the way somehow.  Instead of letting everything fall apart, I just have to find a way to adapt and stay on course.  Maybe I am getting smarter in my old age.

Where does the time go???

Most days I feel like I am running late from the minute I open my eyes.  I feel like I’m constantly rushing and I’m always out of time.  There are so many things for me to do in a day and at least 90% of them stay unfinished.   Too many things to do and not enough time to do them all.  It’s very frustrating. 

I want my house to be clean all the time.  I want to cook dinner every night.  I want to bake every day.  I want to spend at least an hour at the gym.  I want to get my nails done once a week.  I want to read three books a week and watch enough movies to cut my Netflix queue down from 400 movies. 

I’ve tried everything to “create” more time in the day.  I’ve tried getting up earlier and going to sleep later, but then I’m tired and unproductive, so that didn’t work.  I’ve tried going to sleep earlier and getting up later…hoping that I’d be more rested and more efficient.  The increase in efficiency didn’t make up for the additional hours of sleep, so that plan didn’t work either. 

I’ve determined that the real time killer is my job.  Between commuting and working, that’s like 11 hours a day…precious time that I could be using to do other, more worthwhile things…like blogging, hanging out with my dogs and watching TV.  Work is so freaking inconvenient.  I wouldn’t mind it so much if I was doing something important that contributed something to society…like medical research or educating children.  But I don’t do anything like that.  Quitting my job is such a rational solution to my time problems.  Of course, that would create a whole new lack of money problem. 

I have run out of ideas for making my days run more smoothly and for getting more things done.  Does anyone else have any brilliant solutions they’d like to share?  I’m pretty much open to anything.