Some news…

Since I didn’t work on Thursday or Friday, one would think that I would be well rested and refreshed to go back to work today.  Of course…one would be wrong.  Somehow, four straight days of lazing around the house and taking naps and reading a book in the sun and hanging out by the pool didn’t make me miss being in the office.  Go figure. 

What it did do was leave me wide awake last night at 1AM when I should have been long asleep.  This is a phenomenon that I like to refer to as “Sunday Night Disease”…when I’m so rested from the weekend that I can’t sleep on Sunday and I wake up Monday morning exhausted…like the weekend never happened. 

I have a bad case of that today.  The only thing that got me out of bed this morning was the knowledge that in 12 hours I’d be back home and could go to sleep again!

Luckily…my job here today is somewhat easy.  I’m going to send you here…to check out the new blog I’m involved with…and really excited about.

The idea for From The Sidelines came from the fabulous Hutch of Be Awesome Instead.  She came up with the idea and put together a great group of bloggers to work with.  I was so happy when she asked me to join them. 

Stop by and check out the new blog and go visit Hutch to congratulate her on reaching 200 posts. 

And Happy Monday!