Monday Musings…

Happy Monday!  I’m not usually so enthusiastic about Mondays, but I’m trying to be positive this week.  We have a tax deadline and it’s going to be busy…so I thought a positive attitude might help.  We’ll see.

In the meanwhile…here’s what I’m thinking about today…

  • I watched This Is 40 over the weekend.  A lot of my friends watched it before me and told me they didn’t like it.  Everyone said it was too much like real life.  I thought it was a lot like real life also…but in a good way.  See…sometimes I think J and I are crazy and I worry that everyone else has their shit together.  Then I watch a movie like this and I realize that, no, it’s not just us.  Everyone is crazy and no one has their shit together and life is messy and that’s just how it’s supposed to be.  Movies like this make me feel more normal.
  • I was talking to my SIL, who is a third grade teacher, and she told me about their new curriculum for this year.  Apparently, they are no longer teaching spelling and penmanship in school.  Also…they aren’t giving out grades anymore.  I don’t know why, but I have to wonder if it’s because they want to downplay competition between the kids.  I see this all being a disaster.  I feel like they are encouraging a generation of entitled brats who lack motivation, use text-speak because they can’t actually spell and who don’t know how to write.  I really hope this is just a thing they are trying and that they go back to a normal curriculum next year.
  • There has been horrible gridlock in the city these past few weeks and it’s a symphony of honking horns.  The thing I don’t understand is why people insist on making so much noise.  You can honk your horn as much as you’d like…it’s not going to make the gridlock disappear.  All it’s going to do is annoy the people around you.  So please…lay off the horns people.
  • I watched Jeopardy the other night.  It always makes me feel really stupid…because I can only answer about 40% of the questions.  I prefer the teen tournaments…I’m pretty good at those.  And Rock n’ Roll Jeopardy.  I killed Rock n’ Roll Jeopardy.

One last thing for this week.  My cousin is waiting on some news about selling her house.  Her potential buyer is taking his sweet time coming up with a signed contract and that’s supposed to be happening today.  If you guys could say a little prayer or send out some good wishes that this thing goes her way I would really appreciate it.  This sale going through will be a life changing event for her and I know she would appreciate any positivity we can send her way today.

Have a great week everyone!

Monday Musings…

Wow…August has been busy.  It’s been a pretty quiet summer for us so far…not a lot of commitments.  But that changed at the beginning of August!  From now until Labor Day it’s non-stop parties and barbeques.  I’m not complaining…I really enjoy it.  It’s just, well, busy.  It leaves very little time for things like napping and watching movies and blogging.

But I did make some observations this week…

  • Does it drive anyone else crazy that the press always refers to the Duchess of Cambridge as Kate Middleton?  I know there is some kind of rule about her not being called Princess Catherine or Duchess Catherine because she married into the royal family as opposed to being born into it, but that didn’t stop Diana from being called Princess Diana.  I guess I just find it rude that they don’t refer to her with some kind of title.  And didn’t the royal family ask that she be referred to as Catherine instead of Kate?  At the very least, they could do that.  This bugs me the way it bothers me when the president is referred to as Mr. Obama instead of President Obama.  Maybe I’m just odd.
  • Last week, there was a really bad accident close to my house…a driver got onto the highway and then onto the Tappan Zee Bridge driving the wrong way.  He drove that way for quite a distance and he showed no signs of stopping and trying to pull over.  In fact, he was honking his horn at other drivers like they were the ones that were wrong.  Sadly, he only stopped when he hit another car head on, killing the passenger.  Now…I can understand taking the wrong exit and maybe even not see the DO NOT ENTER signs…after all, it was dark and it is confusing where he entered the highway.  But when you see that ALL the other cars are coming right at you, don’t you pull over??? Scary stuff!
  • I went out for a walk at lunch today and, as I was running across the street against the light, I remembered when I was in Canada and Robyn explained that they take their walk/don’t walk signs seriously…as opposed to here where we consider them suggestions at best.  I remember just standing there at the corner and waiting, despite the fact that there were no cars in sight anywhere.  It was very frustrating.  Sometimes I hate how fast things move here and I wish we lived somewhere with a bit of a slower pace.  But then I wonder if I’d just get bored and frustrated all the time.  Anyone care to weigh in?
  • Speaking of moving away…J often talks of moving somewhere with a lower cost of living and lower taxes.  He mentions Texas a lot and lately, several of our friends have mentioned Texas as well.  When J first said it, I told him he was out of his mind…no way was I moving to Texas.  But the idea started to grow on me and I started to think “Hmmm…maybe Texas is a good idea.”  Then Sam Champion showed me the weather around the nation…in Texas last week, it was over 100 degrees every day.  Here it was a nice 80 with a cool breeze.  And that made up my mind about Texas.  I told J to start looking for something with a bit of a cooler climate.
  • Lastly…I went to get a file the other day and I saw this…
    This orchid at one time had no flowers on it.  My boss thought it was dead and threw it in the trash.  My co-worker was convinced she could save it and rescued her from going to the dumpster.  She now has a name…Audrey…and my co-worker takes care of her every day.  We all do…and we talk to her…and clearly we discuss her as if she’s a person.  And she has thanked us with these gorgeous flowers that brighten up the whole office.  There is a lesson here…something like never give up on what you want or just because it’s not so pretty now doesn’t mean it can’t be.  If we had let Audrey go into the dumpster she wouldn’t be able to make us all smile now.  Think about it.

Happy Monday everyone!

Random Musings Friday…

Happy Friday.  This was an awfully long week, considering it was only 4 days…actually, it’s probably because it was only 4 days.  I have a little surprise for you, but first…my random musings…

  • Last night when I was walking through the subway station I encountered a roach.  Not unusual in the subway…there are rats there too.  But this was easily the biggest roach I’ve ever seen in my life and the freaking thing was just booking through the station.  People were literally getting out of its way.  Of course, the sucker was heading right for me.  I had to jump out of its path to make sure it didn’t crawl on my foot.  It was so nasty and made me so happy that I don’t live in the city. 
  • When the deli screws up my order and doesn’t send me everything I call and make them fix it.  However, the other day when I ordered one frozen yogurt and they sent two I didn’t say anything.  I’m pretty sure that’s morally wrong.  I’ll probably go to hell now.
  • Sometimes when I watch movies I get these crazy ideas.  Like when I watched Precious I decided I was going to give up my career and become a teacher in an inner city school so I could make a difference.  Last night when I watched The Blind Side I wanted to open my home to a troubled kid.  Elizabethtown made me want to take a road trip (see yesterday’s post for more details).  After watching Sex and the City 2 I decided I wanted to go to Abu Dhabi on vacation with my mom, sister-in-law and SIL’s aunt.  I even went online and did research.  I know – I’m totally nuts.
  • By the way, if you haven’t seen The Blind Side you totally should.  It was great.   

Now for your surprise and the best part of my whole week…guess who’s back in NYC???  That’s right ladies…Mr. Bloom has returned.  He was apparently in NYC for some sort of dyslexia awareness event…at least that’s what people magazine said.  Here’s a picture of him at the event on Wednesday…

As my co-worker read this information to me, I looked out the window and what did I see???  That’s right…Orlando Bloom, right there on the balcony!  Of course, by the time I grabbed my camera, he’d turned around and a minute later he went inside.  However, I did manage to get one shot of him…

I realize it’s of the back of his head and that it could be anyone…but, trust me, it was him.  He’s even wearing the same shirt!  I think he’s a little shy to turn around and look our way because he knows we stalk him.  J thinks we should write him a message on the windows in lipstick.  We haven’t done it yet, but we are considering it.  Something like…Hi or We love you Orlando… or Take your shirt off.  If we do decide to move forward with that plan, I’ll take some video.  And if I see him again today I will definitely get a better pic for you ladies. 

I have to get back to my stalker post at the window now…have a great weekend everyone.

Random Musings Friday…

Happy Friday and happy long weekend as well.  I am looking forward to a nice long weekend of relaxing, getting my hair done, a pedicure, going to the Sex and the City movie with mom and SIL and watching the four Netflix movies I have sitting on the coffee table.  J has some crazy ideas about digging and pouring concrete footers for our new deck, but I’m going to do my best to put an end to that talk. 

On to more important matters…I received a new bag last night from Bag Borrow and Steal (I refuse to call it by the new name).  It’s dreamy and I’m totally in L-O-V-E.  Here she is…

Seriously…LOVE.  The last bag was only ok…I didn’t even bother to show it to you.  It ended up being really big and more of a pain in the ass than anything.  This one is the perfect size and has lots of pockets and a zipper…which makes me worry less on the subway that someone is stealing my wallet.  Plus it’s black and white…my fave combination.  I’m seriously considering keeping this one as my very own.  It’s probably an issue that a purse is making me so happy.  I might see a doctor about it.

Now…for this week’s randomness…

  • People on the bus are getting stranger and stranger.  Last week we had the staring woman.  This week, we had the close sitter.  The front of the bus has bench seating along the sides and opposite where I usually sit, there is enough room for three people.  On Wednesday, there was a woman sitting all the way to one side of the bench.  A man got on at the last stop and sat right next to her…leaving open space on the other side of him.  For the rest of the ride he proceeded to slowly creep closer.  By the time she got off, he was sitting right up against her.  God bless her for not getting up and hitting him with her purse and making a scene…the way I would have.  When I asked her about it the next day she said she didn’t want to be rude.  She’s way too nice!
  • My mom got a delivery of food to her house on Wednesday.  It was 98 degrees outside.  The UPS driver apparently didn’t feel like walking up to the door, so he left the box at the end of the driveway, in the blaring sun.  My grandfather discovered it hours later, but it was really heavy and he couldn’t carry it into the house.  So it sat in the sun some more.  By the time my mom arrived home, everything chocolate in the box was melted…to the consistency of soup.  She called the company to complain and ask them to replace the melted items.  They told her to put all the melted items into a pot, mix together and put them in the fridge to make one big, giant candy bar.  Now, these were not a lot of items of the same flavor.  They were all very different.  My mom was grossed out by the suggestion and is waiting for a call back from a supervisor. 
  • I think I have to stop reading gossip sites.  Every time I go to Superficial or Perez or D-listed I just get annoyed.  These people, who are mostly just famous for being famous, used to just slightly bug me, but are now making me truly angry.  If I saw Paris Hilton on the street I think I might throw something at her. 

That’s all the randomness I have for this week.  It’s lunch time and we are going to run out to get pedicures.  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.  Any big plans for Memorial Day?

Random Musings Friday…

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I don’t think I’ve meant it as much as I do this week…thank God it’s Friday!!!  Work has been kicking my ass for the last two weeks and for an assortment of reasons I’ve also been going to bed really late every night, so I’m exhausted.  I also have absolutely nothing to do tomorrow and plan to spend a good amount of the day lying around on the couch…I’m so excited!!!

Speaking of going to bed late…the reason I was up so late last night is because I was watching the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.  OMG…was that not a crazy episode?  I was a freaking wreck…literally sitting on the edge of the couch and completely tense the whole time.  What a great season ender…I think the best one on that show so far!  Anyone else watch?

Now for this week’s random musings…

  • I am a huge fan of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.  I’ve been a huge fan of his since they early days of Poison.  I thought he was pretty dreamy when I was a teenager.  Of course, now I think he’s sort of a douche, but in a very entertaining sort of way.  The thing is, I didn’t realize he was quite so popular.  I mean…he was on the cover of People last week and I think he was on Oprah this week or will be next week.  I always thought he was kind of a D-lister and now it’s like his brain hemorrhage caused him to become this major celebrity.  Or am I wrong and people loved him before this? 
  • Last night I checked the answering machine to find a message from the hospital calling to schedule J’s procedure.  The problem is that J failed to mention that he was having a procedure done.  In fact, he failed to mention that he’d even gone to the doctor.  This was all news to me.  To make things even more fun, he wasn’t home when I got the message and I had to wait two hours for him to come home and tell me what the hell was going on.  He’s lucky I didn’t kill him when he walked in the door.  Turns out it’s totally minor and something that I’ve been asking him to take care of.  He said he was going to tell me once he scheduled the appointment.  I still wanted to kill him for making me worry, but I was happy he was finally taking action.
  • My friend’s husband bought himself an Audi a few months back and that car is his baby.  He parks in two spots in the parking lot of their apartment building and he always parks in the furthest spot so he can be away from all other cars.  Well, the parking lot in their building has two levels and the other night another tenant was drunk and drove his car off the top level and right ON TOP of the Audi.  The good news is that the doors are still free of dings and scratches.  Plus, the car is now a convertible!
  • A woman on the bus stared at me during the whole trip this morning.  I was chatting with the driver and another passenger, as I do most mornings.  This woman who rarely takes the bus got on, sat right across from me and started staring.  I don’t know if I offended her with my chatting or what.  I am wearing a new necklace from Daisy and Elm so maybe she was just overwhelmed with the sheer beauty of it and couldn’t tear her eyes away.  I’m leaning more towards her being a freak though.
  • So excited for the Lost finale this weekend.  I watched the last two episodes yesterday and I cannot wait to find out how it is all going to end.  At the same time I’m so sad to see it go.  I’m going to have to find a new show to obsess over next season…any suggestions?

That’s it for me this week.  I’m going to get to work and hopefully the day will fly by and I’ll be on the train home before I even know it!  I wish everyone a happy and relaxing weekend!