I love NY…or not…

A few weeks ago I made a comment about being in a cab on Park Ave and Cher was all “How can you talk about being on Park Ave like it’s no big deal?”.  The thing is…I know it’s a big deal.  I know that I’m lucky to have amazing landmarks and fabulous shopping and Broadway shows and terrific restaurants all at my fingertips.  I really do love living here…usually.

However, sometimes…when there is a horrendous accident on the George Washington Bridge that backs up traffic for miles and the UN general assembly is in session and streets are closed everywhere and President Obama is coming to town and they are filming a television show on my block and it takes me 2 1/2 hours to make the trip from my home to my office (which should only take about 30 minutes)…on those days I hate living here. 

UN general assembly is bad.  Really bad.  Cops everywhere.  Streets closed.  Frozen zones.  Random security checks.  It’s a giant pain in the ass.  Last year, on a day the president was in town to address the UN, I got stuck in a frozen zone on my way to the train station.  The cops wouldn’t let us cross the street because the president’s motorcade was going to come through.  I ended up missing my train and he never even passed by.  This morning I got stopped again.  I’m not sure who was in the car, but there was a guy hanging out the window with an automatic rifle.  Awesome! 

Personally, I think they should move the UN to the middle of the desert where there are no people trying to get to work or go about their day.  I would imagine it would be easier to control security and they wouldn’t fuck up traffic for everyone else!

Commuting this week has sucked so far and President hasn’t even gotten here yet.  I can’t wait to see what kind of travelling nightmare that will cause.  Also…yesterday they changed our office around.  Before there were two of us sharing a decent sized office, but we just hired someone new.  They decided that there is no other space in the building, so they just shoved another desk in here with us and stuck my desk in a corner.  So now…instead of being next to the window with space to move around, I’m sitting in the corner like I’m in time out. 

Needless to say, I’m really cranky this week…especially today.  I’m hoping to get into a better mood, but I’m guessing that won’t happen until the weekend. 

Anyone else have a horrendous commute or having a bad week?

All over the place…

Last night I had writers’ block and I couldn’t come up with anything to write about.  I mentioned this to J, who was ready with several suggestions…all of them completely inappropriate for a PG-rated blog.  They were pretty funny though. 

So I was going to write about the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars and how The Hoff was a train wreck and how Florence Henderson has great legs despite the fact that she’s 70-something and that Jennifer Grey was so amazing that she made me cry.  I was going to make several references to Dirty Dancing and Jersey Shore and talk about how The Situation might be a total douche, but he really does have an amazing body and he might just be a marketing genius.  But I’m not sure anyone actually wants to read about that.

Then I thought maybe I’d write about traffic, because it seems that no matter where I go, I have to fight my way through tons of traffic.  I was going to discuss how I don’t understand why there is sometimes horrendous traffic and you think that you are going to pass a really bad accident or something, but there’s nothing and then all the traffic just disappears and the road is clear ahead.  I was going to talk about how J and I keep talking about moving to a different state where there is no traffic and where it doesn’t take over an hour to travel to you office that is 16 miles away.  But I’m not sure anyone actually wants to read about that either.  Plus…I spend enough of my life actually in the traffic…I don’t know that I want to spend more of my life discussing it.

So then I was going to write about how it’s so fall-like outside and how fall is my favorite season.  I was going to tell you how I was so excited to bust out the cashmere this morning…but I haven’t quite gotten myself out of sandals yet.  I was going to mention the leaves on the trees in Central Park just starting to turn the slightest bit.  But I wanted to include pictures and I was running late because of the damn traffic, so I couldn’t stop to take any.

Then I thought I’d write about my dental experiences yesterday because it turns that I have a bad tooth and need a root canal…although that might night work and I might have to get an implant instead.  This is, of course, totally awesome because I love going to the dentist  more than anything and I’m not afraid to have major dental surgery at all.  Except, that’s a total lie and it scares the shit out of me and the more I thought about it, the more I panicked, so I decided not to write about that either. 

As I turned the corner to get to my office, I still had no idea what the hell I was going to write about and I was getting a little anxious.  Then I noticed that there were several trailers set up on my block.  I saw signs yesterday that CSI: NY was going to be filming in this neighborhood, but nothing ever materialized yesterday so I figured they were just going to use the block for extra parking or whatever.  I started walking by trailers and I was checking the doors for names I recognized.  The first doors were the bathrooms…boring.  The next door said nothing…again…boring.  The next door started to get a little more interesting…Dr. Sheldon.  Hmmm…this might be good.  The next said Det. Dan…even better.  The next trailer was huge and had only one door.  As I approached I started to be able to make out the name on the tape…MAC.  Detective Mac Taylor…one of my all time faves! 

For those of you not familiar with CSI:NY, Detective Mac Taylor is played by Gary Sinise.  I love him.  So I have decided that it doesn’t matter what I write about today because I’m going to go downstairs and sit on the steps of my building and stalk Mr. Sinise for the rest of the day.  Gotta run…Catch you later.