I’m not really here today…

I’m not really here today.  I’m actually over at From The Sidelines…talking about Thanksgiving football with a little help from my friend. 

I’m just stopping by to give a brief update.  My dad’s surgery finally happened yesterday and everything went very well.  By 5pm he was awake and talking and asking for root beer…and morphine.  He’s got casts on both legs and his arm, but they’ve got him sitting up today and the nurse just told me that he was eating breakfast.  It’s a huge relief to finally be making some progress.  Now he’ll start getting a little better each day. 

And a quick PSA…if you smoke…STOP!!!  Because my dad is such a heavy smoker, they had trouble intubating him for surgery yesterday.  The doctor also indicated that the smoking would impede the healing of his bones.  We’ve always worried about my dad getting lung cancer from his smoking…but it never occurred to us that he might someday be in this situation and face an extended recovery time because of the cigarettes.  You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow…so stop today and you won’t have to worry about things like this!

I’m off to start preparing for Thanksgiving…we have a lot to be thankful for this year!


Today was a waiting game.  Dad was supposed to have surgery at 8AM, so Mom and I headed off to the hospital at the crack of dawn.  We arrived at 7:30, to find that surgery had been postponed until 11AM.

Then 1PM.

Then 5PM.

Then tomorrow morning.

Very frustrating.

Dad’s arm and legs aren’t going to heal by themselves.  The healing process can’t begin until he has the surgery to put in the rods and pins and plates that will hold his bones together.  It’s been four days since the accident and he’s no closer to being better than he was the night it happened.  I might have been a little loud with the doctors and I might have used some foul language.

Before we left, we were assured that he’d be taken into the OR by 8AM tomorrow.  I have my doubts and I’ll believe it when I see it.  I really hope they come through on their word tomorrow.

I’ll update again in the morning and I’ll also fill you in on everything else I was planning to write about for the past four days!

Thanks again for all the prayers and support and wonderful messages!  My dad and the rest of us are so grateful for everything!!!

Another update…

We’re heading off to the hospital, but I wanted to give a quick update.

Dad’s cranky…really cranky.  The doctors keep trying to turn him to change his bed and check his spine…and he HATES it.  It hurts…obviously…but it also makes him feel like he’s going to fall.  Luckily, he’s still on the morphine drip and that helps a little.  The good thing is that he’s started drinking water and juice.  They told him he could have some food, but his mouth is still really swollen and painful, so he declined.

He’s having surgery tomorrow…to put pins and rods in his arm and leg.  Once that is complete, he’ll start healing and, hopefully, his pain will decrease every day.

After the hospital kicked us out last night…they are very strict on visiting hours…I dragged my mom to the movies to see Breaking Dawn.  Oh my…the sparkly vampires!  We both loved the movie and it was just the two-hour escape from reality that we needed.

Also…some more good news…there is a video of the car that hit my dad.  He was driving over the yellow lines on the side of the road…illegally…and also speeding.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t see the license plate, but they did see the make and model of the car and the police have alerted some of the repair shops in the area to let them know what they are looking for.  It’s still a long shot that they’ll find the guy…but at least we are now one step closer.

I’m hoping that we get some more good news when we get to the hospital.  All your prayers and good wishes seem to be working…thank you so much…please keep them coming!

An update…

First…I want to say thank you to everyone for the emails and comments and good wishes and prayers.  Those emails were a huge help in passing the endless hours, sitting in the waiting room waiting to hear news from the doctors.  Thank you all so much…for everything.  The blogging community is an amazing group of people and I consider myself lucky to be a part of it.

Now…an update…

My dad’s in the ICU, but he’s stable.  He’s awake and alert…talking and joking around.  He seems to be under the impression that the’s going to get in a wheelchair and go to work in three or four days.  The reality is that he’s going to be in the hospital for about three weeks and then in a rehabilitation hospital for about a month to rehab his legs.  He’s having surgery Monday for his arm and leg.  He needs rods and pins to fix all the bones.  Last night they gave him a morphine drip because he was in pain…and by the time we left the hospital he was feeling very happy and sleepy.

If you can…please keep the prayers coming…they seem to be working!