Everything you never wanted to know…

Clare at The Lilac Grove posted this on Sunday and asked that her readers play along.  I thought it was cute so here goes…

2 Names that you go by
1. Shan – my mom never thought anyone would try to shorten my name…she was wrong
2. Honey – that’s what J calls me

2 Things that you are wearing right now
1. Black tights – my favorite piece of winter clothing
2. Hoop earrings – my mom wore this great pair one day and I complimented them, so she bought me a pair for my birthday…now we match

2 Things that you did last night
1. Went grocery shopping – which I totally love to do…does that make me strange?
2. Looked at house listings with J – we are thinking of moving to Connecticut

2 Pets that I have had
1. Sadie – my little angel, who is so adorable and never does anything wrong 
2. Sofie – my monster, who does everything wrong, but is too cute for me to care

2 Of my fave things to do
1. Read – anything…magazines, biographies, chick lit
2. Get pedicures – I don’t like feet, so anything that makes them prettier works for me…plus, I get to read while I get them done…it’s like a win-win

2 Things that you want to do badly
1. Go on vacation – J and I haven’t been away since October of 2005…we need a break badly
2. See my best friend, E – we used to do everything together, but life gets busy…she lives 20 minutes away and I’ve seen her 2 times in the past 6 months…not acceptable

Last 2 things that you ate
1. Buttered toast – for breakfast 
2. Hamburger Helper – for dinner last night…it was a gourmet cooking night for me!

Last 2 people you spoke to
1. J – to wake him up so he didn’t miss his train 
2. E – to try to make plans to see her on Friday

2 Things you are doing tomorrow
1. Getting my passport renewed – so we can take our much needed vacation 
2. Visiting my mom – she works a few blocks away, so I like to pop in and see her occasionally

2 Of the longest trips that you have taken
1. London – longest distance…it was the first time I travelled overseas
2. St. Maarten – longest time…two and a half glorious weeks in a condo right on the beach

2 Of your favorite beverages
1. Diet Coke
2. Diet Coke – It’s like crack…I have a problem

So now you know just a little bit more about me. 

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.