Random Musings Friday…

Happy Friday!!!  This week at work has been insane.  The family I work for is traveling for the holidays and they are leaving tonight.  So we’ve managed to cram everything we usually do the last three weeks of the year into the past four days.  It’s been a pile of laughs and a really good time.  Yesterday I didn’t even get to eat lunch.  Luckily, it’s over today and the next two weeks should be relatively quiet. 

The weekend is also going to be jam-packed with present wrapping, holiday baking, shopping (for myself and for groceries for Christmas Eve dinner), dining out and a Giants’ game…oh, and a snow storm sometime on Sunday.  So it will be a busy weekend, but unlike a busy workweek, it will be all fun stuff.  Also, I’ll be able to nap if I’m tired…unlike at work, where that sort of thing is generally frowned upon. 

I was worried about this post because I thought I’d been too busy to really put together enough stuff.  However, it seems I took notes without even realizing it.  Also, J likes to help out and he gave me something lat night to round out my week.  Read on…

  • After I purchased Sarah McLachlan tickets, Ticketmaster suggested some other shows I might be interested in.  One of them was “An Evening with Captain Sig and the Hillstrand Brothers”.  Now…I’m not sure if you are familiar with the show Deadliest Catch on Discovery…but it’s a big favorite in our house.  For those who don’t know, Captain Sig and the Hillstrands are captains of crab fishing boats in Alaska and the show documents their trials and tribulations.  It’s very entertaining.  I could seriously watch that show for hours…and I have.   But who would want to go watch them on stage, talking about crab fishing?  What are they going to talk about?  It sounds really boring.  And the tickets?  Are $75.  I almost want to go stand outside the theater on the night of the event, just to see if anyone shows up.
  • Last Saturday, I was shopping at the outlets.  There were several Salvation Army people out, ringing their bells and collecting donations.  It seemed that no matter where I went, I couldn’t escape the damn bells.  Then I went over to a different side of the complex and I saw a Salvation Army guy without a bell.  He had a tuba instead.  Which he was playing…badly.  So badly that it made me wish he had a bell.
  • I was watching TV and something came on about Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johanssen getting divorced.  J, who was quietly working at his desk piped up with the following “Maybe he should stay away from women who are nuts…but at least this one was an upgrade from Alanis Morissette…she’s a total freak.”  There you have it, Ryan Reynolds…dating advice from J.  I’m sure it will come in handy.
  • I had eggs in the fridge that were close to expiring, so I decided to make brownies last night so the eggs didn’t go to waste.  Upon discovering them in the kitchen, J brought the entire tray into the living room, along with a gallon of milk.  He ate two brownies…and then, in a fully juvenile way, licked the rest of the brownies, so I would not eat any of them and they would be all his.  This didn’t really shock me, because J is well-known for this type of juvenile behavior.  However, this seemed odd to me.  When he came back into the living room, after putting the brownies away, he said “So are you going to blog about that tomorrow?”  Aha…so that’s what it was about.  Despite all his protests to the contrary…J likes being the star of the blog.  And so…I’ve decided to placate him and blog about his childishness. 

There you have it…my week in a nusthell. 

Remember to get all your comments for this week’s 12 days of Christmas presents in before midnight.  I’m going to the post office tomorrow, so I’m going to be drawing the names tonight…at 12:01. 

Next week is going to be a big deal around here…the biggest gifts of the 12 days are coming up and there is a birthday celebration as well. 

Have a great weekend!