Random Musings Friday…

I’ve been getting a lot of complaints about the sporadic way I’ve been posting lately.  To those who have complained…you have been heard and I promise to be better.  As I said the other day…I have big plans for the rest of the month…but more about that later.  For now, here are this week’s random musings…

  • There is a sign on the subway for City University of NY (part of the state university system).  The bottom of the sign says…U might B eligible 4 financial aid.  Really CUNY?  That’s appropriate to put on the sign of an institution of higher learning?  Things like this are the problem with education in this country.  I am frightened for the future.
  • A guy sat across from me on the train the other night…good looking, well dressed.  He got settled in the seat and pulled out a newspaper.  As he read the newspaper he placed his hand firmly over his junk…in sort of a protective gesture.  He would remove it only to turn the page of his paper and then back it would go…right over his junk.  It made me wonder…are some men really so attached to their penises that they have to hold them in public?  I noticed his wedding ring and wondered what his wife would say.  I would kill J if he did that. 
  • The other night J put on “Punkin’ Chunkin'” on I think the Discovery Channel.  At first I thought “Oh, funny idea for a show”…until I realized this wasn’t something done for a show.  It’s like a thing…that these people do…every year.  Yes…teams build these pumpkin throwing contraptions and they compete to see who can throw the farthest.  There are different categories and prizes and all kinds of craziness.  They even have a website.  I find this to be a spectacular waste of time, but apparently other people love it.  For example, one spectator they interviewed said it was her anniversary and when her husband told her he was taking her to Punkin’ Chunkin’ she was super excited.  It seems there was no place else she’d rather be.  I looked at J and told him not to get any ideas.  Because he was totally thinking it. 
  • I was buying a train pass the other day after work.  I put my credit card in and was waiting for it to approve the charge.  As I was waiting, a woman came and walked around me and started trying to put her money into the machine.  I said “Excuse me, but I’m using this right now.”  She looked at me like she’d had no idea I was there.  Seriously?  She continued to stand right at my shoulder until my transaction was complete.  People are so odd sometimes.

That’s it for this week’s musings.  Now…on to more important things. 

I’ve mentioned before that I love Christmas, right?  Well…starting on Monday, I’m going to have my own little 12 days of Christmas here.  Each day I’m going to tell you about something different that I love about Christmas.  That’s not the fun part by the way.  My absolute favorite part of Christmas is giving presents.  So the fun part is that on each of my 12 days of Christmas there is going to be a present to one lucky reader!  See…I told you it was fun. 

The presents are going to be things I’ve come across in my shopping or things that are on my own list this year.  I have some good stuff lined up.  So make sure you check back on Monday for all the details and rules and excitement. 

Have a great weekend!