Random Musings Friday…

So, I have a sinus infection and I’m very congested.  And because I’m really smart…I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy and crying.  Which is making me even more congested.  It’s not the smartest decision I’ve ever made.  Why does this show have to be so sad?  And why am I sitting here continuing to watch it?

Anyway…this is what’s been on my mind this week…

  • Do you know anyone who continually disappoints you and yet, you still continue to make plans with them? Are you still surprised every time they cancel on you at the last minute or change things on you or disappoint you in some other way?  Because I am surprised every single time.  Am I just a sucker?  Maybe some day I will stop setting myself up for disappointment.  Or maybe, at least, I’ll stop being so surprised.
  • Is there a real reason you can’t keep your cell phone on during a flight?  Or read an ebook during takeoff and landing?  Will it really interfere with the plane’s operation? Or is it just some bullshit they hand you to make it sound official? I really want to know this.
  • What kind of scratching is appropriate in public?  Because yesterday I was on the train and this woman stuck her hand up her skirt to scratch an itch.  She was clearly scratching her leg and not her lady parts…but it was still so tacky.  I’ve also seen plenty of men scratching their junk…or their asses.  This is all gross right?
  • Is it better to have a cold or a stomach virus?  Personally, I prefer the virus.  Colds make me miserable and I absolutely hate the stuffy nose and the coughing and all of it.  A stomach virus sucks too, but at least I can still mostly go about my normal day.  Also…I usually lose a couple of pounds.  So I’ll take the stomach virus every time.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!