Random Musings Friday…

I seem to have gotten my blogging groove back this week.  Along with my groove…Random Musings Friday is also back.

Here’s what I’ve been pondering these last few weeks…

  • Is it ok to tell a stranger to fix their clothing?  The other day I was walking behind a woman whose skirt was getting hiked up underneath her bag and her underwear was dangerously close to making an appearance.  So I walked up to her, tapped her on the shoulder and told her she should fix her skirt.  She was very grateful not to be flashing the whole city.  That one was kind of a no brainer.  But what if it’s something minor…like a tag sticking out of a sweater or a collar sticking up in the wrong way?  Should you mention that to someone?  Offer to fix it for them?  Or just leave it be?  What do you all think?
  • Do you think the people in the “don’t” pictures recognize themselves with the bar over their faces?  And if so, do you think they are mortified?  I was watching a piece on the news about obesity and there were shots of people walking around the street and you couldn’t see their faces…but still.  It’s got to be horrifying if you are sitting there watching TV and you see yourself being shown as the example of obese or some other “don’t”.  I’m pretty happy that I haven’t seen myself in one of those pictures yet in my life.  I consider it one of my small victories.
  • Why don’t restaurants and delis recognize the difference between Coke and Pepsi?  Are they both colas?  Yes.  Do they taste completely different?  YES!  The deli I order breakfast from basically feels that Coke and Pepsi are interchangeable.  I disagree.  I hate Diet Pepsi.  Hate it!  If I order a Diet Coke, then that’s what I want.  If you don’t have Diet Coke, please let me know and I will select something different.  Don’t just assume that Diet Pepsi is an acceptable substitute.  Geez!  Those kind of shenanigans will ruin my whole morning…and isnpire me to start ordering from somewhere else!
  • What happened to symbolism in music?  I mean, if groups like the Beatles wanted to sing about drugs they called it Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.  And Sarah McLachlan…half the time she’s using so much metaphor in her music that I’m not even sure what she’s singing about.  But lately I’ve noticed that trend disappearing and songs getting much more blatant.  Usher’s Scream comes to mind…where he sings about getting on your back if you want to scream and also about being naked.  What happened to innuendo?  It seems to crass to me, but maybe I’m just being a prude.
  • Are there actually adults who are afraid of escalators?  Or is the girl I always see at the train station just a total idiot?  I have a feeling she’s playing the role of helpless, dumb girl for her boyfriend’s benefit.  He seems to enjoy it…because almost ever night she’s standing at the top of the escalator and he’s trying to coax her to get on it while she protests and screeches about being scared.  All while standing in the way  of people trying to get home at rush hour.  The thing is…in addition to the escalator, there is an elevator and two sets of stairs.  So if you are so afraid, why not choose a different option for your descent?  I swear, some days I just want to give her a little push.

There you have it…the pressing thoughts that make me wonder and keep me up at night!

What are your random musings of the week?