Where I’ve been…

I know…I disappeared.  Sorry about that.

I have an excuse.  Actually…I have several excuses.

At first, I was feeling sort of blah.  I wasn’t inspired and I just wasn’t feeling it.  So I didn’t post for a little while.

Then I got inspired and I had a few good ideas for posts.  Unfortunately, Sandy had just come to town and I had no power and no internet.  So posting was out.

Then the power came back on, but I was super busy catching up on work…and if I’m being totally honest, all the TV shows I missed while the power was out.  So I had no time to sit down at night and write.

Then we went on vacation, and while I wrote some really great posts in my head, I didn’t have a computer with me.  So no posts then either.

We just came home last night.  I planned to write a better post for today…a real one.  But the flight was delayed about a million hours and by the time I was ready to turn on my computer, it was 1AM and I went to sleep instead.

But I’m back.  And even though this isn’t a “real” post…it’s something.  And I have more to come…my thoughts on Sandy (that bitch!) and the election, a recap of my fabulous vacation and a few reviews of the books I’ve been reading.  I also have something in the works for December…something special for Christmas this year.

So hopefully, you didn’t all forget me and you’ll come back now that I’m back.  There is some good stuff to come…I promise.