One item down…

Friday night, I had some errands to run after work so J agreed to eat fast food for dinner.  I was sitting at the McDonald’s drive-through and I saw the opportunity to fullfil something on my 101 list…I decided that I was going to pay for the person behind me.

I had no idea that my simple request would throw the whole restaurant into a tailspin.

I placed my order and drove up to the first window as instructed.  I handed over my credit card to pay for my order (I know it’s crazy to use a credit card for a $12 order, but I had no cash) and while the kid was swiping my card, I told him that I would like to pay for the person behind me. 

First he looked at me like I had three heads.  Then he called the manager to come over.  They were speaking in Spanish but I got the idea that running my credit card twice in a row was going to cause some sort of problem. 

The manager came to the window and asked me what the problem was.  I explained that I wanted to pay for the car behind me.  She asked if we were together and I said no.  She asked me why I wanted to pay for them and then I started to get annoyed.  I realize that this isn’t an everday request, but was it really so complicated?

Apparently so.

Finally, I was able to work the process out with them, but I had to give them a different credit card.  So, with my order and the other person’s order paid for, I drove up to the second window to collect my food. 

Guess what…more confusion.  I pulled and the window was open so I listened to the conversation between the employees.  The woman who was packing the food was apparently talking to the kid at the first window.  She just kept repeating “Who paid for what? This woman paid for who?”  It was almost like a joke. 

Finally, the woman came to the window and said “Can you please explain the situation to me?”  Really?  So I told her, I was paying for my own order, but I also wanted to pay for the order of the people behind me.  “Just because?”  Yup, just because.

And finally, I got my food and I drove away. 

Who knew doing a nice thing would be so complicated? 

Our McDonald’s was really yummy.  I hope the people behind me enjoyed their food as much as we did.