An impossible task???

One of the tasks on my 101 list is to go one month without making a non-essential purchase.  I included this task for several reasons…

  1. I wanted to save some extra money (which is another task on my list)
  2. I wanted to examine my spending habits…which have been feeling a little out of control lately
  3. I wanted to actually use up some of the things in the house before bringing more things in…especially in the craft room

I’ve decided that March is the perfect month to undertake this task and today is day 1!  The plan is to spend money on things that are absolutely necessary to my survival…like food and gas for the car…or things that are going to enrich my life in some way…like going to a museum or a ticket to see The Hunger Games and getting a mani/pedi.  I won’t be visiting a craft store, The Christmas Tree Shop, Home Goods or Target for the entire month.  I also will not be taking a taxi from the train to the office…a very expensive habit that is very unnecessary. 

I can see some challenges coming up…but I’m determined to make it through.  Wish me luck!  And if anyone’s done this before…I’m open to any tips you used to get yourself through.