Open Letter Thursday…

Dear NFL players and owners,

Do you guys watch the news?  Because I do…and this morning they did a story about how thousands of people are losing their jobs this week…being laid off from Cisco and Borders and Boeing.  They showed a video of people standing in line, waiting to sign up for unemployment benefits.  It was a VERY long line.

The very next story was about the NFL lockout and for that story they had video of you guys getting out of your fancy cars in your custom-made suits and heading into a meeting.  They said there was some hope that you all might be able to reach an agreement sometime today. 

After hearing about people losing their jobs and filing for unemployment benefits, I found it really hard to muster up any sympathy for you guys and your disagreements on how you are going to split your millions and millions of dollars. 

So players…I would like to remind you of something that I think you might have forgotten…you play a game for a living.  And a good number of you earn millions of dollars to do it.  I’m not saying it’s easy and I’m sure you all work really hard at it…but you are PLAYING A GAME!!!  You are not sitting in an office or working in a factory, taking orders from some asshole and making minimum wage for your efforts. 

And owners…please don’t expect any sympathy from me either.  I know how much season tickets cost because we recently paid our bill.  You guys are making a pretty penny off that…and you don’t even have do anything, but collect your money!

Personally, I will live if there is no football season.  I can think of far better ways to spend my Sundays than sitting and freezing my ass off only to watch the Giants play badly.  But J will be very disappointed.  He loves football season… and looks forward to it all year.  It’s the perfect way to end his week and to relax before another crappy five (or six) days at work.  I’m sure there are a lot of people who feel the same way.

So boys…get your shit together and get this deal done.  This nonsense has gone on far too long.  Everyone needs to stop being so greedy and remember how lucky you all are, not only to be employed, but to be doing something you absolutely love.  Most of the rest of us aren’t quite so lucky.  So get the deal done and get your asses to camp already.  Some of you really need the practice (I’m looking at you, Eli).

Thanks for your attention to this matter.


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