Moving right along…

I’ve completed another item on the 101 list.  We had our last baking class this past Friday and that completes #  – Take a baking class at ICE. 

This week was sponge cake and angel food cake.  We learned the proper techniques for whipping egg whites and our cakes came out light and fluffy and delicious.  Look at this gorgeous chocolate angel food cake…

It doesn’t look all impressive like the cakes from last week, but it was delicious with a little strawberry compote and vanilla whipped cream.  Even J liked it and he hasn’t eaten any of the cakes so far…because they were too “fancy” for him. 

This is Roberto.  He is a student there and was the chef’s assistant for our classes.  He loved us and often brought us treats from the professional classes.  He also told us we should open a bakery. 

This is our instructor, Chef Reeni.  She was hilarious and a great teacher…and was once a competitor on Food Network Challenge: Ultimate Wedding Cakes. 

Overall, the class was fantastic.  Marisa and I had so much fun and we learned a lot about making our cakes light and moist and delicious.  Next on the agenda…we have to learn how to decorate them and maybe even sculpt them…Reeni is offering a class on it in the spring.  Duff Goldman, watch out. 

I decided to reward myself for finishing the class with a brand new apron, which I fully intend to wear with pearls, just like in the photo…

It’s from Creative Chics and I think it’s just adorable.  Freda, the proprietor, is wonderful as well.  Definitely check our their Etsy store and their blog.

To celebrate crossing another item off my list…I’m going to cross yet another item off the list.  I’m going to give one of you an apron too!  That’s right…a giveaway…although let’s call it a present…I don’t like the G word.

I also don’t like rules, so I’m going to make this simple…

  • every comment you leave for me this week is one entry. 
  • post about this on your own blog you will get three extra entries.  (make sure you let me know you’ve posted)

That’s it.  Easy, right?  At the end of the week, I will select the winner at random using  I will accept entries until Saturday and I will announce the winner next Monday.  The winner will be able to choose any apron from Creative Chics. 

Last, but not least…I have to give a special mention to my favorite sister-in-law.  Today is her birthday and she also got a new job.  Both of these things are very exciting so please join me in wishing her the best birthday and oodles of luck at the new gig. 

Happy Monday everyone.