The house that crack built…the final chapter…

So it was Valentine’s day and we were finally set for the closing the next day.  We went out to dinner and then we drove the car back downtown.  J ran upstairs to get the dog while I parked the car…in a spot across the street from our building where I always parked.  We took Sadie for a walk and then we went to bed.  I woke up the next morning at 5AM and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I was too nervous that something else was going to go wrong.  I puttered around the apartment, getting everything ready to take with us and killed as much time as I could. 

We had a plan.  At 8AM I was going to go get the car and bring it around to the driveway of the building.  We were going to pack up the car, pack up the dog, go to the walk-through, go to the closing (during which I would take Sadie to the park to play) and then go to the house.  We weren’t planning on moving in until the end of March, but we wanted to get the bare essentials set up, go grocery shopping and then we were going to have my parents over for dinner to show them the house.  It was a good plan. 

Too bad it didn’t happen that way. 

By 7:30, I was way too antsy so I decided to run down to get the car early.  I threw my coat on over my pajamas and figured I’d just get dressed when I came back up.  When I got downstairs, I noticed that a different car was parked in my spot.  I was so confused and I called J to ask him if he maybe had moved the car while I was sleeping.  In hindsight, I realize it was a stupid question, but at the time it seemed like the most logical answer.  He, of course, said he hadn’t moved the car and that he’d be right down. 

Now, please keep in mind that I was in my pajamas, standing the middle of the street, thinking someone stole the car.  J comes down and a man approached us, asking if we were looking for a black Infiniti.  Why, yes…yes we were.  He told us that a cop came by and gave us a ticket and then not even five minutes later they came to tow it away.  We were all…WTF? 

We saw a cop, so we thanked the guy and went running over to the cop.  He confirmed that yes, our car had been towed.  The parking regulations for that block…which had been the same for SIX YEARS had changed a few days before.  Instead of having to move your car at 8AM, you now had to move it at 7AM.  But only for the first three spots on the block.  They did change the time on the sign…one little teeny tiny number on a small sign.  But they didn’t post any kind of notice or anything.  I would think they would have…or should have…posted a big orange sign indicating the change.  But they didn’t.  Welcome to New York.

Ok…the car got towed…there was no point in arguing over why or what should have been done.  What was done was done.  So we jumped into a cab and headed up to the impound lot.  We arrived before the car did and it took three hours and $285 to get the car out.  When we finally got the car back it was late…11AM.  We were supposed to be at the walk-through at 12 and the closing at 1.  There was also bumper to bumper traffic on the highway and we knew there was no way to make it back to the apartment, pack the car and get up to the house on time.  We had no choice but to go straight from the impound lot to the walk-through…with me still in my pajamas…with no purse or wallet or anything.  Luckily, I didn’t have to sign anything or we would have been screwed. 

The walk-through was uneventful as was the closing itself…except for when our realtor got into it with our attorney and we had to break it up.  When the closing was over we headed back to the city to finally pack up the car and get the dog.  Now…we had run out of the house so quickly that morning that we didn’t pick up the dog’s food so she’d been grazing all day.  That wasn’t good, because Sadie gets car sick and we didn’t want her to eat before the car trip.  But since we couldn’t do anything about it and it was getting late, we packed the car, walked the dog and headed back up to the house.

While we were driving I called my parents and asked them to “stop by” and pick something up from me at our friend’s house.  We were planning to surprise them when they arrived.  They agreed…which was like the only thing that had gone right.  We were about five minutes from the house when my phone rang.  It was my office…informing me that they had fired someone earlier that day and they wanted to go over a few things with me before he actually left the office.  As I was talking to them, Sadie turned to J…and threw up all over him.  Twice. 

So I was on the phone and J was covered in dog vomit and I was trying to drive and talk and clean up at the same time.  And the smell was making me sick too.  Of course…that all happened five minutes from the house.  The dog couldn’t have waited just a few more minutes!   Luckily, I was able to get us to the house and get J stripped and his clothes right into the washer.  If that had happened on the way to the city he would have had to walk through the lobby like that. 

After all that was done, I had exactly one hour to go buy groceries, a card table, folding chairs, and an air mattress before my parents showed up.  I also had to call my dad and give away my secret because I needed his help in getting things ready and getting my mom to the house.  It was my parents’ anniversary and my mom decided that she just wanted to go home.  After he got over the initial shock of us purchasing a house without telling anyone, my dad agreed to pick up some take out for us for dinner.  I managed to get everything done and I was waiting when my mom pulled up…thinking she was just picking something up and would be gone in 30 seconds. 

I ran outside and asked her to come in for a second.  She fought me on it, but eventually relented when I told her I just wanted her to see the house.  When she walked in and saw the dog and the empty house she was pretty confused, but really excited for us when she realized that we’d bought a house.  I think she still can’t believe that we were able to keep it a secret the whole time!

We had a nice dinner with my parents and then we spent our first night in our new house…sleeping on an air mattress on the living room floor. 

When we woke up the next morning there was no heat…the first of many calamities that have befallen us in this freaking house.  But we like the house and we’ve been fixing it up slowly but surely.  In the end, I think J made the right decision in upping our offer and all the disasters that happened along the road to the closing were worth it.  Also…they make for a good story.  Who else can say they attended their house closing wearing pajamas?  Not many people. 

If you are actually still reading…thank you!  This is a long post.  But I figured some of you would have killed me if I stopped in the middle and made you wait until next week for the end of the story. 

Random musings Friday will be back next week.  Have a great weekend everyone!