A 101 update…

You might have noticed that things have changed a little bit around here.  I have a whole new look!  I’ve also made the switch from WordPress.com to WordPress.org…but that’s not really important.  What is important is that it’s so much prettier in here now.  And since this pretty new design allows me to cross another item off my 101 list, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to give you all an update on how I’m doing…

Things I’ve completed since I last updated you…

16. Redesign the blog…Obviously this is done.  I worked with the amazing Kayleen from Booyah’s Mama and it was a completely smooth transition.  All I had to do was pick the colors…she handled the rest.  If you are thinking of doing a new design or a switch to WordPress.org, Kayleen if your gal.

65. Write a love letter…Over the last eleven years I’ve written J tons of cards and letters and notes…but none truly qualified as a love letter.  So this year, for his birthday, part of his gift was a love letter…one that told him all the reasons I loved him.  It took me a while to write it because I didn’t want it to sound sappy or cheesy…and I went through a few versions before it was just right.  He was thrilled with the final product and it’s now tucked safely into his bedside drawer.

93. Play hooky from work for no reason…I shouldn’t be posting about this because people from work might read it…but in early September I called in sick.  And it wasn’t really a lie…the state of my hair was making me physically nauseaous every time I looked in the mirror.  So I took a day off and I got my hair done and I got a pedicure and I took a nap…it was a perfect mental health day.

Things I’m in the middle of or are almost complete…

15. Participate in NaBloPoMo…as you know, I started this a few days ago and it’s going really well.  I’d fallen into some bad blogging habits…or I should say some bad non-blogging habits.  NaBloPoMo has forced me to sit down and make a plan and get my posts written early.  I don’t know that I can maintain a daily posting schedule after November, but I think I will certainly be prepared to maintain a much more regular schedule than I was before.

18. Crochet an afghan…I was about halfway through with this project and I hated the way it looked.  So I tore it all out and started over again.  I’m hoping to have it finished by Christmas so I can give it as a gift.

25. Make a calendar to give as a Christmas gift…I’m in the middle of this and was actually working on it before I started writing this post.  I bought a Groupon two weeks ago for Picaboo and downloaded their terrific software to my laptop.  I’ve got most of the pictures chosen and now I just have to customize each of the three I’m making.  Hopefully, I’ll be done early this week.

27. Create a journal of things I love…I bought a Smash Book about a month ago and I’ve been having a great time filling it up.  I bought several of the accessories as well and I have created pages for quotes, for pictures, for tickets stubs.  I even have some fortune cookie fortunes in there.  I’m loving the book so far.  I also joined Pinterest…after a few months of resistance…and that has become my online “journal” for all things fabulous.

31. Reach my goal weight…I’m still working on this one.  I was great at first…I was motivated and the weight was coming off easily. Now, it’s gotten more difficult to lose and my motivation is waning.  I’m hoping to get some renewed sense of purpose and get back on track before the holiday eating starts.

62. Reach 500 blog posts…well, as of today’s post, I’m at 371.  I can’t believe it’s been such a long time since I had the idea for starting this blog.  I can’t wait to get to the big milestone.

72. Read 100 books…I just finished #50…so I’m halfway there.  As you may have noticed, I started a new feature here called What I’m Reading…on Thursdays.  I wanted to share with you guys some of the better books I’ve read.  I hope you enjoy it.

Things I decided to change…

28. Changed Complete the P90X program to Create an emergency kit for both houses…When I first wrote my list, everyone was doing P90X and I thought “hey…this might be fun”…but then I remembered that I hate exercising like that.  So I decided that while I do need to increase my activity, P90X is probably not the way.  Emergency kits for my houses though…that’s important and something that will probably be extremely useful someday.  So I made the switch.

48. Changed Redecorate the den and guest room to Pick a day to perform random acts of kindness…My den and guest room definitely need to be redecorated.  However, they also need to have the windows replaced and the plaster walls ripped out and replaced with sheetrock.  These are jobs I will not be doing myself and the ultimate redecoration of both rooms is incidental to the repairs that are going to take place.  So I decided that leaving this item on the list was sort of cheating and I thought I could use the slot to do something else more important.

59. Changed Give everyone on my Christmas list an “experience” gift to Give everyone on my list a handmade gift…There were several people on my list for whom it is very difficult to get out and do things.  For example, I would love to take my grandfather to a Yankee game or a Giants game…but it would be far too much walking for him and I don’t think he’d enjoy it.  Leaving this item on the list, but omitting my grandfather and J’s parents and a few select others seemed like cheating, so I changed it to something I thought would work much better.

66. Changed Spend an entire day with my nephews to Organize every room in my house…Spending a full day with my nephews would be awesome, but with their school schedules and my work schedules, trying to do something like that was a logistical nightmare.  I do plan to spend several partial days with them, but again…it felt like cheating to leave it on there.  So I changed it to organize my house…which I was in desperate need of.  I’ve already completed the kitchen and my master bedroom closet.  My next project is the bathrooms and linen closet.

That’s where I am with my list.  If you want to see the full list it’s here.