I loath being sick.  I do everything in my power to keep from catching someone else’s cold.  I wash my hands 100 times a day.  I never open a door without using a paper towel…especially when I’m in a public bathroom.  I carry hand sanitizer in my purse and I use it whenever I’ve touched something other people have touched…like the subway handrail.  I am diligent.

But the one thing I can’t do anything about is co-workers who come to work when they are sick.  My office is small.  Really small.  We all sit right on top of each other and breathe in the same germy, recycled air all day.  When one person in the office gets sick, it’s a matter of days before all five of us are down for the count.

So, last Wednesday, when my co-worker was sneezing and snotty and fairly miserable with a cold, I begged her to go home and stay home until she was feeling better.  Because the countdown started with her first sneeze and I knew it was only a matter of time.

Another co-worker fell on Friday…unable to drag herself out of bed.  I left work on Friday, slightly cocky because I felt ok.  That is…until I got home and felt the first tingles of a scratchy throat.  I ignored it and went on with my evening, pretending that it was just my allergies…but deep down, I knew better.

By Saturday morning, I had a full-fledged cold.  I was completely congested.  I had a sore throat so bad that swallowing made me cry.  Just trying to eat a piece of toast for breakfast left me winded and exhausted.  I managed to make it through a hair appointment…because my gray roots were also making me cry…but then I went home and got into bed and let J wait on me hand and foot for the rest of the weekend.

I took copious amounts of Tyelnol Cold…which tastes sooooo bad, but works sooooo well.  I also tried every crazy remedy I could find or that anyone told me about.  I put Vicks Vaporub on my feet and then wore socks to bed…something I hate, but it’s supposed to draw out the toxins.  I drank ginger ale because I read that ginger can help speed up the healing process.  I sucked down some zinc lozenges that made my mouth taste like pennies.  I ate chicken soup and oranges and anything else in the house that had vitamin C.  I drank tea with honey.

None of it helped.  Here it is Monday morning and I still feel like hell.  I’m still in bed…coughing and sneezing and being all around miserable.  I spoke to my other sick co-worker and she said I should feel better tomorrow.  I hope she’s right.  This is a crazy busy week for me at work and I have theater tickets for tomorrow night.  So cross your fingers for me and hope that i feel better tomorrow.

Wish me luck…and for the love of all that is good…please stay home from work when you are sick.  Your co-workers will thank you.

Things that suck…

I have a cold.  It sucks. 

The worst part is that last week, I was on the subway and rubbing my itchy nose and I thought “I’m going to get sick now because I’m rubbing my nose with the hand that just touched the railing in the subway and I didn’t Purell first.” 

I will never make that mistake again!  I don’t care how itchy my nose is…the Purell will always come out before I touch my face. 

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