Finally some progress…

I finished sorting my coupons and I made some serious progress on the house cleaning.  J decided to start unpacking…all over our bedroom.  I never knew it was possible for one man to own so many J. Crew sweaters!  I’m forcing him to sort through things instead of just putting them away, so right now there are piles of clothes everywhere.  However, everything outside of the bedroom is clean and sparkly.  I even got on my hands and knees with some Clorox and a scrub brush and scrubbed the grout on the kitchen floor until it was back to its originally intended color!  It hadn’t been that color in all the time we’ve lived in the house.  I absolutely despise cleaning so this was a pretty big feat for me and, honestly, it looks so nice that it was almost fun…almost. 

J and I also accomplished something that was not on the list.  It requires a little back story, but I’ll try to make it short.  J and I really like to watch TV.  J also loves his toys.  So we have a 50 in plasma TV mounted on the wall in our living room, over our fireplace.  It’s the focal point of the room, unfortunately.  While it is not my first choice in home decor, it is certainly my first choice in TV watching and I don’t know how I possibly enjoyed TV before the plasma. 

The first time my grandfather came to our house, he was in awe of our television.  He couldn’t get over how big it was or the clear picture or anything about it.  Every time he comes over, that TV is all he talks about.  My grandfather, aka Poppy, is not the kind of guy that really cares about “things”.  He drives a 15 year old car that is practically falling apart.  He wears socks until they have holes in them.  He is firmly in the school of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

This is Poppy at my brother's wedding on NYE. He refuses to smile in pictures, but isn't he adorable?

The thing is…Poppy doesn’t get out much these days.  He had some medical setbacks over the summer and he just doesn’t feel comfortable driving.  So he stays home a lot and watches sports on TV.  The TV he had was pretty old and had something wrong with the tube…yup, it was that old…and it messed with the picture. 

To properly explain what my grandfather means to me…well, we’d be here a really long time.  Let’s just say he’s the shit.  He’s awesome and generous and kind.  He’s been there for me my entire life with advice, company, help of any kind.  He’s loaned me his car, his tools, his expertise, his money…you name it.  So I try to take every opportunity I can to give him back a little of what he’s given me. 

Early in November, I devised a plan.  I was going to buy him his very own giant TV for Christmas.  He’s very hard to buy for, so I was happy to come up with this gift idea.  I started looking for good sales and, indeed, I found one.  Target had great Black Friday door busters on 40 inch LCD HDTVs. 

So my sister-in-law and I stood on line at 4 am in the freezing cold the day after Thanksgiving and when they opened the doors we ran in and grabbed a deeply discounted TV.  Now, I have to hand it to my SIL…she’s little, but she’s scrappy!  She pushed people out of the way and sprinted all way from the door to the TVs.  If not for her, I would have been paying full price. 

Anyway, we gave Poppy the TV on Christmas Eve and he was so excited.  It’s all he talked about and he told every single person he knows about his new TV.  because of my brother’s wedding and the surrounding craziness, it took us two weeks to get there to get the TV mounted on the wall and hooked up to the new cable box, but we finally did it yesterday.  He was thrilled and my mom said he stayed up until 2am watching movies. 

Yesterday was five years since my grandmother died.  She was the love of his life and he truly is lost without her.  The fact that I could make his day a little bit brighter with such a small effort…it made me happy that I could do that.

Ok – I guess I didn’t really keep it short.