Random Musings Friday…

I was so busy getting ready for my trip that I almost forgot to write this post.  Once again, I’m going away and I feel like I could use three more days to get ready.  Although, I think I actually did everything I was supposed to do.  Hopefully, I didn’t forget anything.

Right now, I’m on a plane to GA…heading to the land of peaches one last time before my favorite peaches move to Virginia.  So while I do that…you guys should check out the random stuff that’s been on my mind this week…

  • What is up lately with guys wearing super tight pants?  I’ve also noticed a lot of short pants…complete with hairy ankles sticking out.  Is this a thing everywhere or is it just in NY?  I’m not excited about this trend.
  • The other day I was waiting in line at the deli and I had to wonder…does anyone actually eat head cheese?  That has got to be the nastiest stuff I’ve ever seen.  I just can’t imagine someone walking up and saying “a pound of head cheese please”…and then actually eating it.  But at the same time, I’m super curious about what it tastes like.  Has anyone ever tried it?
  • Is it wrong to eavesdrop on people’s conversations in public?  The other night I was waiting for my food and I overheard the server discussing Indian food with another customer.  The customer claimed that he didn’t like Indian food…but then said he’d “seen it, but never tried it”.  I found that entertaining…but then the server delivered what is now one of my favorite lines of all time.  She said that “gratituities” were included on checks for parties of ten or more.  Yup…gratituities.  Priceless.
  • I heard a statistic on the news this morning that smokers who live in NYC and make $30,000 spend approximately 1/4 of their salary goes to paying for cigarettes.  That’s mind-boggling to me.  I mean…how do you pay your rent if you are paying so much for cigarettes?  How can you afford to keep smoking?  I mean, I know it’s an addiction…but at some point it’s a matter of economics.
  • Is it just me or do you guys watch the same movies over and over again?  This week I’ve watched Just Friends at least 8 times.  It’s a funny movie, but it’s not 8 times in a week funny.  And yet…I can’t turn it over.  Am I the only one?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  See you Monday.