On the Bright Side…

I didn’t want to go to work today.  I didn’t want to go yesterday either.  I spent the weekend with Ally in Kentucky, celebrating baby E’s first birthday.  I had so much fun that the last thing I wanted to do was commute and work all day.  Add to that the fact that the first few days back from vacation are terrible because you have to catch up on everything you missed while you were out and well…I just wasn’t feeling it.

But then I got to the office and I got what was probably the most hilarious pocket dial voicemail ever.  One of the senior attorneys from our law firm dialed me by accident and the proceeded to discuss why having a couch in his office would be nice.  Hint…what he said about that couch is not suitable for work.  But man, was that an entertaining start to my day.

After that I got two emails from my boss…both of them thanking me for things that I did last week.  One of them even included a smiley face!  My boss is really not a smiley face kind of guy, so this was big.  I have been doing a lot recently since my supervisor left and has not yet been replaced and I don’t often feel that it’s appreciated.  So it’s really nice to get a little acknowledgement for my hard work.

That is my bright side for today.  Well…that and the fact that it’s Wednesday…the day for my favorite Geico commercial!