Haters gonna hate…

I’m over at From The Sidelines today talking about LeBron James and why we might want to stop hating the guy so much.  Come over and tell me what you think of King James.

Oh Mo…

No…that’s not a typo.  It’s a play on words…because I’m all clever like that.

Want to know what it means?  Come visit me over at From The Sidelines today to read about why Mariano Rivera is my favorite Yankee and what happened to him this week that makes me so incredibly sad.


Great moments are born from great opportunity.
And that’s what you have here tonight, boys.
That’s what you’ve earned here, tonight.
One game
If we played ’em ten times, they might win nine.
But not this game. Not tonight.
Tonight, we skate with ’em
Tonight, we stay with ’em, and we shut them down because we can!
Tonight, we are the greatest hockey team in the world.
You were born to be hockey players — every one of ya.
And you were meant to be here tonight.
This is your time.
Their time — is done. It’s over.
I’m sick and tired of hearin’ about what a great hockey team the Soviets have.
Screw ’em!
This is your time!!
Now go out there and take it.


What the hell am I talking about?  Head on over to From The Sidelines to find out…

It’s almost time…

For March Madness.  I’ve over at From The Sidelines today talking about why I love March Madness so much.

I’ll be back tomorrow.

Little miracles…

I’m not here today.  I’m at From the Sidelines talking about the Giants and how they managed to get themselves into the NFL Championships.  It was a little miracle.

Make sure you stop by and I’ll be back here tomorrow.

Some good news…

Dad met with his surgeon yesterday.  They were going to look at his x-rays to determine whether he was going to be able to put some pressure on his legs.  We were all really nervous…because we knew that if the doctor said no Dad was going to be really pissed off and grumpy…and that’s just unpleasant for everyone.  Mom told me the doctor wasn’t going to see Dad until the afternoon, so I waited patiently, hoping for good news…and then finally the phone rang.

Dad walked all the way down the hall!!!

This is huge news.  We are all so thrilled.  Now he’s one step closer to coming home…literally. 

Tomorrow is seven weeks since the accident.  Seven weeks ago we weren’t sure he’d ever be coming home.   Now he’s only days away.  We couldn’t have asked for better news. 

Well…better news would be that they caught the bastard who ran him down in the first place.  But we’ll take our victories one at a time. 

And speaking of victories…head over to From The Sidelines for my take an a different victory.

I’m not really here today…

I’m not really here today.  I’m actually over at From The Sidelines…talking about Thanksgiving football with a little help from my friend. 

I’m just stopping by to give a brief update.  My dad’s surgery finally happened yesterday and everything went very well.  By 5pm he was awake and talking and asking for root beer…and morphine.  He’s got casts on both legs and his arm, but they’ve got him sitting up today and the nurse just told me that he was eating breakfast.  It’s a huge relief to finally be making some progress.  Now he’ll start getting a little better each day. 

And a quick PSA…if you smoke…STOP!!!  Because my dad is such a heavy smoker, they had trouble intubating him for surgery yesterday.  The doctor also indicated that the smoking would impede the healing of his bones.  We’ve always worried about my dad getting lung cancer from his smoking…but it never occurred to us that he might someday be in this situation and face an extended recovery time because of the cigarettes.  You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow…so stop today and you won’t have to worry about things like this!

I’m off to start preparing for Thanksgiving…we have a lot to be thankful for this year!

Of all the dumb ideas…

Sometimes J and I make really stupid decisions.  Want to find out our latest?  Come visit me today at From The Sidelines and I’ll tell you all about it…

Things that suck…

I have a cold.  It sucks. 

The worst part is that last week, I was on the subway and rubbing my itchy nose and I thought “I’m going to get sick now because I’m rubbing my nose with the hand that just touched the railing in the subway and I didn’t Purell first.” 

I will never make that mistake again!  I don’t care how itchy my nose is…the Purell will always come out before I touch my face. 

If you want to know what else sucks, come see me at From the Sidelines today.

Some news…

Since I didn’t work on Thursday or Friday, one would think that I would be well rested and refreshed to go back to work today.  Of course…one would be wrong.  Somehow, four straight days of lazing around the house and taking naps and reading a book in the sun and hanging out by the pool didn’t make me miss being in the office.  Go figure. 

What it did do was leave me wide awake last night at 1AM when I should have been long asleep.  This is a phenomenon that I like to refer to as “Sunday Night Disease”…when I’m so rested from the weekend that I can’t sleep on Sunday and I wake up Monday morning exhausted…like the weekend never happened. 

I have a bad case of that today.  The only thing that got me out of bed this morning was the knowledge that in 12 hours I’d be back home and could go to sleep again!

Luckily…my job here today is somewhat easy.  I’m going to send you here…to check out the new blog I’m involved with…and really excited about.

The idea for From The Sidelines came from the fabulous Hutch of Be Awesome Instead.  She came up with the idea and put together a great group of bloggers to work with.  I was so happy when she asked me to join them. 

Stop by and check out the new blog and go visit Hutch to congratulate her on reaching 200 posts. 

And Happy Monday!