In the boudoir…

A few months ago, I wrote this.  I had just done a boudoir photo shoot and I was feeling awesome and sexy and beautiful.

Then I got the pictures back and they were…bad.  So bad that I didn’t even want to show them to anyone.  Ultimately, I showed them to J, who told me I looked great…becauase it’s his job to lie to me in these kinds of situations.  I also showed them to another friend who I knew would give me an honest opinion.  That opinion was that I appeared to be in some sort of pain…possibly of the gastrointestinal variety.

I don’t think the photographer had much experience with boudoir shoots and she didn’t know much more than I did about how I should pose or what would look good.  She was a portrait photographer and that came through in the photos.  Any shots where I wasn’t sitting on a stool and looking at her directly were awful.  They were badly lit and there were shadows and the angles were awful.  The poses were all wrong and the whole thing was just…bad.

Looking at the finished pictures, I felt very defeated.  I decided that I wasn’t sexy or beautiful and that I’d been fooling myself the day of the shoot.

I was ready to give up on the whole idea and I didn’t really ever think I’d get in front of a camera again…ever…even with my clothes on!

A few months later, I got a Groupon from a different photographer…this one specializing in this kind of photography.  I went to her website and checked out her portfolio…and it was awesome.  Really awesome.  And the deal was great so I decided to try again.  I couldn’t have felt worse about myself after the first shoot…so the worst outcome was that I’d waste $100 and a few hours of my time.

I met with the photographer for a consultation and I knew right away that this was going to be a totally different experience.  She showed me more examples of her work and I knew she’d do a great job.  She gave me some suggestions of what to wear and what to bring with me and we talked a bit about how I wanted the photos to look.

The day of the shoot arrived and I was nervous, but I knew I was in good hands.  Julia, the photographer, warned me that it wouldn’t be easy and I’d be really tired at the end…but it would be worth it.  Then she put on some music and showed me exactly how to pose and we went to work.

She was right…after two hours of posing, I was wiped out…and I was sore for three days after.  It turns out that posing and trying to be sexy is not something that feels natural…for me anyway.  At times, I felt like a contortionist.  But it was all worth it…because this time, the photos came out amazing.  When I look at them, I smile instead of cringing.  And when I showed them to J, for a minute he was totally speechless.

This time, it really was the best idea ever.

Here are a few of my favorites…

Photo credit: Juliati Photography


Photo Credit: Juliati Photography


And when I saw these wings, I just knew I had to bring out my inner supermodel…

Photo Credit: Juliati Photography

I really have to thank Julia at Juliati Photography.  She’s has amazing vision and she’s a genius with Photoshop!  She made this whole process easy and fun and she gave me gorgeous photos.

If you are thinking of doing a boudoir shoot of your own, I really think you should.  It was totally worth it.