Everything you never wanted to know…

Clare at The Lilac Grove posted this on Sunday and asked that her readers play along.  I thought it was cute so here goes…

2 Names that you go by
1. Shan – my mom never thought anyone would try to shorten my name…she was wrong
2. Honey – that’s what J calls me

2 Things that you are wearing right now
1. Black tights – my favorite piece of winter clothing
2. Hoop earrings – my mom wore this great pair one day and I complimented them, so she bought me a pair for my birthday…now we match

2 Things that you did last night
1. Went grocery shopping – which I totally love to do…does that make me strange?
2. Looked at house listings with J – we are thinking of moving to Connecticut

2 Pets that I have had
1. Sadie – my little angel, who is so adorable and never does anything wrong 
2. Sofie – my monster, who does everything wrong, but is too cute for me to care

2 Of my fave things to do
1. Read – anything…magazines, biographies, chick lit
2. Get pedicures – I don’t like feet, so anything that makes them prettier works for me…plus, I get to read while I get them done…it’s like a win-win

2 Things that you want to do badly
1. Go on vacation – J and I haven’t been away since October of 2005…we need a break badly
2. See my best friend, E – we used to do everything together, but life gets busy…she lives 20 minutes away and I’ve seen her 2 times in the past 6 months…not acceptable

Last 2 things that you ate
1. Buttered toast – for breakfast 
2. Hamburger Helper – for dinner last night…it was a gourmet cooking night for me!

Last 2 people you spoke to
1. J – to wake him up so he didn’t miss his train 
2. E – to try to make plans to see her on Friday

2 Things you are doing tomorrow
1. Getting my passport renewed – so we can take our much needed vacation 
2. Visiting my mom – she works a few blocks away, so I like to pop in and see her occasionally

2 Of the longest trips that you have taken
1. London – longest distance…it was the first time I travelled overseas
2. St. Maarten – longest time…two and a half glorious weeks in a condo right on the beach

2 Of your favorite beverages
1. Diet Coke
2. Diet Coke – It’s like crack…I have a problem

So now you know just a little bit more about me. 

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

Kiera rocks…

I haven’t posted for a few days…please forgive me.   It’s been a really LONG week.  I haven’t been so happy to see a weekend in a long time.  We are going out in a few minutes to meet my family for dinner and I’m so looking forward to relaxing with everyone and enjoying a little hibachi cooking.  So I only have a few minutes, but I wanted to stop by and do a quick post.

Kiera over at Imperfect Daisies was so kind to give me an award this week and I wanted to recognize it before any more time passed.  If you haven’t checked out Kiera’s page, I suggest you get over there right away.

The rules are that I have to tell you 7 interesting things about myself and pass it along to 7 other bloggers.  So here goes:

  1. I hate The Office.  I know people love it and I really tried to like it.  I just don’t.  There are some funny lines, but the crap in between those lines is almost like torture.
  2. When I’m stressed or cranky I crave pancakes. 
  3. I once showed up at J’s door wearing only a trench coat and lingerie.  I also had a bucket of KFC.  J was more interested in the KFC.
  4. When I went to get a new phone at AT&T, the teenager helping me told me that I probably shouldn’t get an iPhone because they aren’t really good for my generation…they are really better for younger people.  I’m 34.
  5. I once rode in an elevator with Rudy Giuliani when he was the mayor.  It was an express elevator and he commented that “these elevators are really fast.”  Yes, Mr. Mayor, they are.
  6.  I read Twilight.  I love it.  Seriously.
  7. I went to CVS in my pajamas this morning.

I want to pass this lovely award to a few of my favorite bloggers:

  1. Jess @ Cape Cod Awesome
  2. Tiffany @ On The Verge
  3. Sarah @ The Anti Journalist
  4. Roxane @ It Really Is All About Me
  5. Sara @ Sara Spelled Without an H
  6. Christine @ Raised Queer
  7. Salt @ Salt Says

OK, I’m off to dinner.  Hope everyone’s having a good day!

Feeling the love…

Obviously, I’m pretty new to the world of blogging.  I started this blog so I could have a place to ramble on about my thoughts and opinions…of which I have many.  It was something I did for myself and I really wasn’t sure if anyone would ever read it…especially since I’ve hardly told anyone about it.  For reasons that are complicated and possibly nuts, I’m not necessarily comfortable having my friends and family reading it, so I’ve only told my best friend and my sister-in-law.  So I never really expected huge readership.

I did tell one other person about it.  After my first few posts, I sent my link over to one of my favorite bloggers…Salt over at  Salt Says.  She was amazingly supportive and helpful to me in getting this blog started and she faithfully visits me daily and comments on all my posts.  She’s awesome and advise anyone who hasn’t to go read her blog immediately.  Or, well, immediately afer reading mine!

Ok, so I was off yesterday and out running errands and then later had my brother and sister-in-law over for some dinner and financial planning (they want to buy a house…we were making a plan).  I barely got onto my computer the entire day.  But I did notice a ton of emails on my crackberry and was happy, yet confused, to see so that several were alerting me to new comments on my blog. 

When I was finally able to get online last night, I headed over to visit Salt and I understood why so many people were coming to visit me…because she sent them, of course!  She so kindly bestowed upon me my first blog award:

I’m so thrilled that she felt that my little infant blog was deserving of such an honor! 

So the rules are that I have to tell you seven interesting things about myself and then pass this award along to someone else I think is a beautiful blogger.  I promise to try to make these as interesting as possible:

  1. Despite the fact that I am NOT a runner, in 2007 I ran a half marathon.  I did it with the support of Team in Training and to raise money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  I had watched a friend go from being to weak to get out of bed during her chemo to running a marathon in less than a year and decided that my lazy ass had no more excuses.  I haven’t run since that day, but it was a great experience.
  2. I find it fascinating when my dogs dream.  They will be laying all peaceful and still one minute and the next they will be running or wagging their tales.  I always wonder if they are dreaming about playing with their toys or chasing squirrels. 
  3. I have a tatoo, which I got at 17, after watching my mother get one.  It was a total mother-daughter bonding moment.  I only still have the one…she’s up to three.
  4. When I was 22 I had a brief but torrid affair with my boss, who was 39.  Well, technically it was just after I stopped working for him.  It’s a LONG story, but basically, he had just gotten divorced and I had just gotten dumped and it just happened.  Small company, huge scandal.  Maybe someday I’ll tell you all the details.
  5. I spent a night sleeping on the sidewalk outside the Tower Records on West 4th Street in NYC.  They were giving away Bob Dylan tickets.  My best friend and I took blankets and our neighbor, Brandon, who was supposed to be our protection.  We all fell asleep and we woke up to some random homeless guy trying to kiss my BF.  Our protector was sound asleep and didn’t even wake up in the ensuing commotion – so much help he was!
  6. I am a concert junkie and I’ve been to too many to count.  My first concert was New Kids on the Block with Tiffany.  My favorite band to see is Barenaked Ladies.  I’m hoping the rumors I’ve heard about a Rolling Stones tour in the summer are true – I’ve never gotten to see them live. 
  7. I have a horrible singing voice, but when I’m alone in the car I sing, really loudly.  I always wonder what other drivers think when they see me driving alone and singing away!

So now you all know just a little more about me.  I’m going to pass this awesome award along to Krysten at After “I Do’ because her blog makes me smile, she has an adorable dog and she felt the same way about her husband as I felt about J the other night and that made me feel less homicidal and crazy.

One more thing…since Salt is so awesome, she also gave me a second award, which is one that she just created:

I’m supposed to pass it along to other ladies with awesome blogs.  However, Salt already bestowed it upon everyone I would have given it to.  So I’m going to hang on to it for a bit and bring it out a little later.

J, in one of his more awesome moments, gifted me with a spa day for Christmas this year.  So I’m off to Elizabeth Arden to be pampered and beautified.  I hope you all have a fabulous day!