101 in 1001…

I’ve finally done it…a 101 in 1001 list.  I’ve been wanting to start one for a while now, but I’m a procrastinator.  Also…it’s hard to come up with 101 things to put on the list!   It took me about eight months to decide to do it and then another two weeks to actually compile the list. 

If you aren’t familiar with the concept here’s the deal…

The Challenge:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple challenges such as New Year’s resolutions or a ‘Bucket List’. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips, study semesters, or outdoor activities.

With today being my start date, I have until May 30, 2013 to complete the following goals…

  1. Send someone flowers for no reason
  2. Pay for a strangers meal at a drive-through
  3. Give a microloan through kiva.org
  4. Find out my blood type and donate blood
  5. Travel to 5 places I’ve never been (one down, four to go)
  6. Take a road trip alone
  7. Take a walking tour of NYC
  8. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  9. Spend a weekend in Atlantic City
  10. Go on vacation with my sister-in-law
  11. Travel somewhere by train
  12. Go to Disney World
  13. Write a novel
  14. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  15. Participate in NaBloPoMo
  16. Redesign my blog
  17. Comment on every blog post I read for one week
  18. Crochet an afghan using the yarn I’ve had in the closet for a year (in progress…)
  19. Refinish a piece of furniture
  20. Use my sewing machine…finally
  21. Take a photography class (class started October 20th)
  22. Take 48 pictures in 1 day and create a photo book of a day in my life
  23. Do a 365 day photo project
  24. Create a monthly scrapbook every month for 1 year
  25. Make a calendar to give as a Christmas gift
  26. Buy a Flip camera and make 1 home movie per week for 1 year
  27. Create a journal of clippings, photos, quotes and other things I love
  28. Complete the P90X program
  29. Drink 64 ounces of water every day for 64 days straight
  30. Complete the Couch to 5K program
  31. Reach my goal weight and stay there
  32. Take the dogs on a walk for at least 30 minutes every day for 1 month
  33. Take a yoga class
  34. Save $10,000
  35. Pay off all my credit cards in full each month for 1 year
  36. Go 1 month without making a non-essential purchase (food is essential)
  37. Sell 5 things on Ebay
  38. Sell something I make on Etsy
  39. Study something entirely new
  40. Conquer a fear
  41. Go to 5 different museums
  42. Create a house cleaning schedule and stick to it
  43. Go to bed at 9PM every night for 1 week
  44. Wake up at 5AM every morning for 1 week
  45. Keep my inbox empty for 1 month
  46. Write a will and advanced medical directive
  47. Write “in case of death” letters
  48. Redecorate the den and the guest room
  49. Watch the sunrise and sunset on the same day
  50. Watch the sunset and the sunrise without going to bed
  51. Get a library card
  52. Answer the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”
  53. Go to the zoo in the spring to see the baby animals
  54. Eat a meal alone in a restaurant
  55. Go to the movies alone at least once every 6 months
  56. Get a henna “tatoo” on my hands
  57. Get properly measured and buy 3 really good bras once per year
  58. Go to mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  59. Give everyone on my Christmas list an experience (like tickets to a play) instead of a thing (like a sweater)
  60. Get a bikini wax
  61. Purchase a 1 year subscription to the NY Lottery
  62. Reach 500 blog posts
  63. Do three more blog giveaways (one down, 2 to go)
  64. Order room service
  65. Write a love letter
  66. Spend a full day with my nephews from when they wake up until they go to bed
  67. Buy myself a diamond ring (like Oprah’s pinky ring)
  68. Watch every movie currently on my Neflix queue
  69. Watch all the movies we own on DVD…even the stupid ones
  70. Meet a blog friend in person (Allyson from Magnolias & Mimosas)
  71. Go snorkeling
  72. Read 100 books
  73. Have a girls night once per month
  74. Do a boudoir photo shoot
  75. Visit a psychic
  76. Spend a day lying in a hammock reading and napping
  77. Take a walk in the rain
  78. Ride in a hot air balloon
  79. Build a snowman
  80. Color an entire coloring book
  81. Carve a pumpkin
  82. Go on a date with J once per month
  83. See 3 Broadway shows
  84. Go to 5 concerts (One down, 4 to go)
  85. Dress up for Halloween (10/31/10)
  86. Buy a completely impractical dress just because I love it
  87. Throw a party
  88. Go out dancing
  89. Watch season 1 of Mad Men, Glee and Arrested Development (to see what everyone is talking about)
  90. Go to a midnight movie premiere
  91. Celebrate Champagne Friday every week for 1 month
  92. Shoot a gun at a shooting range
  93. Play hooky from work one day for no reason
  94. Attend a taping of a TV show
  95. Take the pastry class at ICE (Finished 10/8/10)
  96. Cook my way through a cookbook
  97. Create a signature cupcake
  98. Put together a recipe book from all the random recipes in the kitchen
  99. Give a copy of that recipe book to someone as a gift
  100. Write a blog post about each item I complete on the list
  101. Write a new 101 list

There you have it.  I am determined to do every last item on the list.  I have a feeling that some are going to be really hard for me…like #40 and #60 (man I hate those!).  But I’m going to finish it.   I will update you guys whenever I finish an item and I think there will be a few good stories that come out of it…because #11 and #92 have disaster written all over them.