In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving (which was yesterday) I decided to do a Gratituesday list and share what is making me happy and thankful this week…

  1. Carson Kressley…His dances on Dancing With The Stars this season just make me so happy.  He’s not the best dancer, but he’s clearly having so much fun that I can’t help but have fun just watching him. 
  2. My new earrings…I’ve been coveting these earrings from J. Crew and they were sold out online.  I was so sad…but on Saturday I went into a J. Crew store and they had one pair left.  I love when that happens…and getting pretty new jewelry is always fabulous.
  3. My trip…I leave in ten days to visit Allyson in Kentucky.  Can’t wait.  We are going to a UK game and spending a day at the horse races.  There has also been talk of moonshine.  And the best part…Hutch is coming too!  I’m so excited…I can hardly wait. 
  4. Ear plugs…My ears have been bothering me for the last week or so…they are irritated from the earplugs I wear to drown out J’s snoring.  But today I did a little research and found a website called  I was able to order a variety pack of earplugs meant to solve the exact problem I’m having.  I hope they arrive soon.  Sleeping through the night and waking up without irritated ears is always nice.
  5. Pinterest…This is my new obsession.  I love it.  I spent the better part of the weekend pinning and searching.  I can’t wait to start all my crafting projects.  Discovering so many new projects and ideas is so much fun!
  6. Wicked…I just bought three tickets…and on November 15th my mom, sister-in-law and I are going to see Wicked.  I’ve been dying to see it for years and I’m so happy I finally bought the tickets.  This also lets me cross another item off my 101 list…which is just fantastic.
  7. Gift cards…I’ve had several sitting in my wallet for a long time.  This weekend I used them up…buying a new dress, my new earrings, my tickets to Wicked and a pair of shoes.  I love being able to go shopping without having to spend any actual money.  And the best part…I still have one left so I get to shop some more!
  8. Puppy love…I was home alone with the dogs last night and they both snuggled up with me when we went to bed.  I got lots of dog love and kisses and affection.  It was all kinds of wonderful.
  9. Groupon…Lately I’ve gotten all sorts of good deals from Groupon.  So I’ve gotten to do and buy things that I really needed…and I still got to save money.  I love it.
  10. Unexpected time…This morning the bus got into a little fender bender when some idiot cut us off.  No one was hurt luckily…but we had to wait for the cops to come and it took forever.  So I got an extra 45 minutes of reading and chatting with my bus friends before I had to come to the office.  Having some extra down time in the morning before what is sure to be a hectic and crazy day is always fabulous. 

So tell me…what are you grateful for this week?

A 101 Update…

I can’t believe it’s August already.  The summer is going by so fast.  I thought today would be a good time to update you guys on the progress I’ve been making on my 101 list.

I’ve gotten some things crossed off…

8. Visit the Statue of Liberty…Ally and I did this on her visit to NY.  I had always avoided going because there is a lot of waiting in line and going through security, but it was definitely worth the trip.  The views were amazing and it was very interesting to see Ellis Island the way my great-grandparents might have seen it.

17. Comment on every blog post I read for a week…I do most of my blog reading during my lunch time and sometimes I just don’t have time to comment.  But I love reading the comments people leave me, so I wanted to make more of an effort.  For one week, I commented on every post I read and since then I’ve continued to make more of an effort to leave comments for everyone.  Some days I do better than others, but I definitely comment more often than I used to.

45. Keep my inbox empty for a month…I have a tendency not to clear emails out of my inbox.  I would let them pile up for months, until there would eventually be three hundred of them in there.  One day I sat down and cleared them all out.  I emailed people back, I bought a few things that I’d been wanting, I forwarded some things and I deleted the rest.  And I’m very proud to say that my inbox has been clean since.

53. Go to the zoo in spring to see the baby animals…this was something else we did while Ally visited NY.  We saw the most adorable baby monkeys.

I’ve got quite a few things in progress…

18.  Crochet an afghan…I’ve been at this one for quite a while.  I haven’t gotten very far.  I’ve been directing my energies to other things.  I’ve got to get back to it and just get it done.

19.  Refinish a piece of furniture…I’ve also been at this one for quite a while.  I need a few days of nice weather so I can take the table outside on the deck.  But first it was too cold and rainy.  Now it’s too hot.  Hopefully I’ll get it done before the fall.

31.  Reach my goal weight…I’ve been at this since February.  I had a lot of success since I started Jenny Craig, but I’ve been a little stalled recently.  I seem to finally be back on track now and I’ve lost 27.3 pounds to date.  Two weeks ago I wore a bathing suit and it looked not awful…so that’s something.

41.  Go to five museums…I’ve been to three…The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Ellis Island Museum and The Discovery Times Square Center.  I think I want to go to the Museum of Natural History next.

52.  Answer the 50 questions that will free your mind…Again…I’ve been at this one a while.  I’ve gotten about half of them done.  It’s been pretty interesting so far.

57.  Get a bra fitting once a year…I’ve done this twice so far, which s more often than planned…but the weight I lost came mostly off my boobs…which made a new fitting necessary.

68.  Watch all the movies in my Netflix queue…I’ve seen a lot of movies.  Over 100.  Amazingly, there are still hundreds on my list.  I’ve seen a few good movies, but I’ve seen an awful lot of crappy ones.  Stay tuned for more information on this.

72.  Read 100 books…I’ve read 36 so far.  There were a couple of duds, but most of them have been great.  Stay tuned for more info on this too.

83.  See 3 Broadway shows…I saw Elf back in December and Ally and I saw The Motherfucker in the Hat in June.  I’m going to see Wicked next…trying to get tickets for sometime in August.  I can’t wait!

89.  Watch one season of Arrested Development, Mad Men and Glee…I started with Arrested Development and I watched 6 episodes.  It’s funny.  A little stupid…but mostly funny.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

96.  Cook my way through a cookbook…I started this two weeks ago.  I’ve made about five of the recipes so far…there are 95 left.  I’ve always hated cooking, but I’m actually enjoying it so far.  Although it’s a bummer that I’m on Jenny Craig and I can’t eat more than a bite of each dish I make.

I’ve got a few things coming up too…

5. Travel to five places I’ve never been…I’m leaving next Friday for Edmonton to visit Robyn and I’ve got a trip to Lexington, KY planned for October.  We’ve also been throwing around the idea of a beach vacation and we might end up going somewhere new then too.

29.  Drink 64 ounces of water for 64 days…I had big plans for this during Lent, but it was a miserable failure.  I am jumping back on the water bandwagon this week.  I’m hoping it will help with my weight loss.

63.  Do three blog giveaways…I’ve done two and I have another planned.  It’s coming up in the next week or two.

That’s where I am on my list.  I’m going to make a big push in August to see how many things I can get crossed off before the end of the summer.  Wish me luck!