Some good news…

Dad met with his surgeon yesterday.  They were going to look at his x-rays to determine whether he was going to be able to put some pressure on his legs.  We were all really nervous…because we knew that if the doctor said no Dad was going to be really pissed off and grumpy…and that’s just unpleasant for everyone.  Mom told me the doctor wasn’t going to see Dad until the afternoon, so I waited patiently, hoping for good news…and then finally the phone rang.

Dad walked all the way down the hall!!!

This is huge news.  We are all so thrilled.  Now he’s one step closer to coming home…literally. 

Tomorrow is seven weeks since the accident.  Seven weeks ago we weren’t sure he’d ever be coming home.   Now he’s only days away.  We couldn’t have asked for better news. 

Well…better news would be that they caught the bastard who ran him down in the first place.  But we’ll take our victories one at a time. 

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