My Story…

I’m Shana – sounds like banana.  I think it’s kind of pretty but no one says it right, which is annoying.   I am an accountant by day and aspiring writer by night.  I started this blog to have an outlet for the non-stop thoughts that run through my head.  It’s turned into a chronicle of my adventures…and misadventures.  I really love it here.

A little about me…

I’m the girlfriend of J – who I sometimes love more than life itself and sometimes want to smother with a pillow while he sleeps.  While he can certainly drive me nuts, he also makes me laugh more than anyone else.  He’s definitely changed my perspective on the world and helped me be able to see the humor in even the worst of situations.  I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him.  We used to live in a charming little house in Yonkers, NY…often referred to by us as the house that crack built.  Now we live in Stamford, CT…in a different charming little house surrounded by trees.  I really love it here.

We are the parents of Sadie and Sofie – the two most awesome dogs to ever live.  My little girlies are both black labs that we rescued and they were definitely the best decision we’ve made so far.  They say dogs take on the personality traits of their owners and that is definitely true in this case.  The only thing the girlies love to do more than lay around is eat.  They think our bed is their bed and don’t even think of asking them to lay down without a blanket or a pillow for them to lay on.  They are the best.

I am the daughter of slightly crazy, but wonderful parents.  The provide me with love, support and a constant source of amusement and entertainment.  At times, the two of them are a comedy show by themselves.  The rest of the time, they provide me with ample material for poking fun…and they poke right back.

I am sister to a great guy – though I don’t like him to know quite how great I think he is…I don’t want him to get a big head.  He’s smart and funny and cool.  He’s often the butt of my jokes, but he gives it right back.  To be honest, I always really wanted a sister.  Luckily my brother married the most fabulous woman and now I have a sister too!

Likes/Passions/Guilty Pleasures…

  • Reading – anything I can get my hands on, but trashy chick lit is my favorite.
  • Gossip – about anything.  Nosiness is a family trait and I swear I’ve tried to stop, but I can’t help it.
  • Watching movies – horror and stupid comedy are the best.  Surprisingly, I don’t often like movies based on chick lit novels.
  • Reality tv – especially wedding related…like “Say Yes to the Dress”.  Also…Dancing with the Stars.
  • Singing – really loudly in the car…only when I’m alone, though, because I have the world’s worst singing voice.   Actually, that’s not true…my mom sings way worse than me.  But I’m definitely second worst.

Dislikes/Pet Peeves/Irritations

  • Rude and annoying people – because, you know, sometimes I’m in a lousy mood too and I don’t take it out on you.  And really? Your phone call is so important that you can’t take it when you get off the train?
  • Loud chewing – especially if the chewer has their mouth open.  Sometimes people crunch and chew so loudly, I wonder if their heads are hollow.
  • Cleaning up dog poop – now that we have a huge backyard, I feel like I spend half my day looking for and cleaning up poop.  It’s not glamorous.

There’s lots more I could tell you about me, but if you stick around for a while, you’ll hear it all…