A very special delivery…

It’s been a little busy here this past week.  We got a very special delivery…


This is my little baby niece Sofia.  She came into the world a week ago today at 6lbs 13oz. Here she is with her very proud and happy…and tired…Mommy and Daddy.


Grandma and Grandpa are totally smitten with her.  They spend long stretches of time just sitting and staring at her.  They have rarely left her side.  My dad got sick over the weekend and couldn’t see her.  He had major withdrawal and couldn’t wait to get back to her again.





Her great-grandfather also got in on the action.  He couldn’t believe how beautiful she was and keeps saying she’s just the most gorgeous baby ever.





Look at that smile!


She’s even adorable when she’s screaming her head off!


Thirty inches of snow kept the new family in the hospital longer than planned, but they finally got to go home on Sunday.


Today is her one week birthday.  She’s a tiny little peanut and she’s so beautiful.  I am complete in love with her. I half wish she would stay this little for about two years and half can’t wait for her to get bigger so I can play with her and teach her things.  I can’t believe how quickly this little girl has stolen my heart.



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