Rest in peace, TV…

When I lived alone I was very against TV in the bedroom.  I liked the bedroom cold and dark and, most importantly, silent.  J felt exactly the opposite…he preferred falling asleep to the sound of the TV and often couldn’t sleep without it.  When we started dating, he petitioned hard for a TV in the bedroom, but I held firm to my belief that the bedroom was no place for a TV.  So when he stayed at my place with no TV at night, he was miserable and when I stayed at his with the TV blaring all night, I was miserable.

Then we moved in together and there was a standoff about the stupid bedroom TV.  I put my foot down and so did he and in the end, he won…because when J doesn’t sleep, no one sleeps and it just makes my life easier to have the TV on.  It took some getting used to and I wore earplugs in the beginning to drown out the noise.  But we finally compromised on an agreed upon volume and I learned to check what is going to come on next so I don’t wake up in the middle of the night to explosions and gunfire or worse, Skinemax. So for the last few years I’ve been fine sleeping with the TV on.  In fact, when I’m alone, I get totally creeped out at night if the TV is off…so now I sleep with it on all the time.

And that brings me to last night.  Last night, I got into bed, got comfortable and turned on the TV.  Nothing happened.  I pressed the button on the remote again…still nothing.  I figured the batteries must be dead…so I got up and pressed the power button on the TV.  Nada.  J was still out, so I was on my own to figure it out.  I moved the dresser and checked that the TV was still plugged in…it was.  I switched the plug to a different outlet…I pulled the other end of the plug out of the TV and plugged it back in, just to make sure it was in there properly.  Nothing worked.  The TV, it seemed, was dead.

I shouldn’t have been surprised…this is the TV J had in his apartment…back in 2002.  It’s really old and it’s been on almost every single night, all night long…and sometimes during the day.  We knew it would die eventually…I just thought we’d have a little bit of warning.  So, there I was at midnight, ready to go to sleep…and no TV.  I thought seriously about moving a TV from another room, but all the other TVs are bigger and heavy and I decided against it.  Instead, I just shut the light, got in bed…and tossed and turned for two hours, until I finally fell asleep.

I then proceeded to have the most insane dreams ever.  The medication I take can cause very vivid dreams and I always thought what I was hearing on TV while I slept was causing the really wacky ones.  But last night…with no TV…I had the wackiest dreams ever.  I woke up after eight hours of sleep feeling like I’d gotten only a cat nap.  This cannot continue.

So J is downstairs looking at TVs online and comparing prices…and I sense a trip to Best Buy is in the very near future.  Either that, or I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.  There is no way I’m going through another night of nutty dreams and no TV.

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