It’s fall…finally…

I love the fall.  It’s my absolute favorite time of year.  I love the cooler weather and the pumpkins…the apples and pies and soups and squash.  Most of all…I love the changing of the leaves.  I love walking through the neighborhood and looking at the gorgeous colors and the way the sunlight looks filtering through the leaves.  And this is New England…fall is kind of our thing.  It’s usually so beautiful that people actually come here to watch the leaves change.

Except this year.  This year it was 80 degrees in October and the leaves started to fall off the trees while they were still green.  There were no pretty colors…no cooler temperatures…nothing.  I put up with horrible allergies all spring and summer from these trees.  Then we have to rake leaves for two months and we finish just in time for several feet of snow to fall.  The leaves changing is really the only thing that makes the rest worth it.  I was feeling totally cheated.

Luckily, the temperature dropped over the weekend and it seems the trees finally got the message that it’s fall and it’s time to change.

For those of you who can’t be here in New England to see the finally changing leaves…here are some of the trees in my yard…



new 10-19-14 010


new 10-19-14 020


new 10-19-14 026


new 10-19-14 035


new 10-19-14 038


new 10-19-14 009


new 10-19-14 013


new 10-19-14 019


Two nights ago, the temperature actually dipped into the 30s and we had to turn on the heat.  It’s time for pumpkin pancakes and apple pie candles.  This house needs to smell like fall.

I hope you are all enjoying fall wherever you are…


  1. SO stinking pretty!!! And you’re right the ONLY reason it’s OK to rake up the leaves is to see the colors before they fall! I’m so not looking forward to the extra leaves from all the trees in our new yard – but I can’t wait to see them change before they drop those darn leaves everywhere.

    It’s been warm here too – but then again it’s the South and it’s a given we get our “fall” much later than you do. :)

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