The Bright Side…

It’s gross and rainy here today.  I didn’t get to take the dogs for a walk and we were all pretty cranky about that.  The day…and my mood…had the potential to turn crappy really fast.

So I thought that today would be the perfect for a look on the bright side…

  • I didn’t get to go for a walk, but I did get a workout in anyway.  I put on a DVD and grapevined and high-kicked my way around the den for 30 minutes.  The dogs sat on the couch and watched me like I was a crazy person.  It wasn’t as good as a two-mile walk around our hilly neighborhood…but it’s better than laying in bed, eating scones and watching Kelly and Michael
  • Speaking of scones…I made these delicious pomegranate scones from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  They do have white flour and sugar in them, which are two things I’m trying to avoid.  But I cut the sugar in half and added extra pomegranate seeds and they came out delicious.  A nice treat for a rainy day…but only after a workout!
  • Today is October 16th…which means tax season is officially over.  My new job is back in public accounting and while I did tax returns at my old job, this was my first public accounting tax season in 7 years.  I was a little nervous because I hate tax season…which is weird because I’m a tax accountant.  In the past, the days leading up to October 15th were a straight up nightmare of late nights and no sleep.  I worried that it would be like that this year…but it wasn’t.  There were some stressful moments in the last week and yesterday I made some frantic phone calls to get some last-minute information.  But overall, everything went smoothly.  And more importantly…it’s now over.  Today I clean up my files and tomorrow I take a much needed and well deserved day off.
  • And speaking of work…I cannot stress enough what a difference it makes to feel appreciated.  I had several clients reach out to say thanks and to tell me how much they like working with me and how happy they are that I’ve come back to work at Deloitte.  One even went out of his way to email my direct boss and tell her how great he thinks I am.  It’s such a small thing and probably took him two minutes.  But it made my whole day.  If you happen to be someone’s boss, take a second today to tell them how much you appreciate their hard work.  It will mean a lot to them, I promise.
  • I get to spend the day baking tomorrow.  I love to bake, but I haven’t done much of it lately.  J doesn’t really have a sweet tooth and I’m trying to avoid cake and cookies and cupcakes…so there really hasn’t been much call for baking.  But tomorrow is a cupcake extravaganza.  We have an event on Saturday…a secret one…for which I’m providing part of the dessert.  Root Beer Float cupcakes…complete with maraschino cherries on top.  I’m so excited.  Stay tuned for an update on how they turned out complete with pictures of my little masterpieces.

Look at that…all this looking on the bright side had lifted my mood a bit.  It also literally got brighter in here…I think the rain might be tapering off.  Maybe we will get a walk in after all.

Happy Thursday!

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