Detoxing, Part 3…

So…I made it through three months of no Diet Coke and 10 days of pretty much nothing but protein and vegetables.  The question is…what happened in the month since?

Well, the first morning after the detox was over, I did a celebratory dance that I didn’t have to drink that damn smoothie and I popped an English muffin in the toaster.  I spread some Justin’s Peanut Butter (all natural, no sugar added) on that sucker instead of my usual Skippy and it was delicious.  That night I also ate a chocolate chip cookie…but only one.  For the most part, I ate pretty much the same way I had on the detox…lots of protein and vegetables…but  I started eating grains and gluten again and I snuck in some sugar here and there.  I still avoided dairy though, because I think I’m a bit lactose intolerant.  I also kept walking, every single day for 30 minutes…even in the rain.

For the past month since the detox ended, I’ve been cooking a ton and trying out new recipes.  I never really thought of myself as a person who liked to cook, but I really love it.  I also baked my own bread and muffins…all made from almond flour instead of while flour and all super delicious.  I’ve tried foods I didn’t think I would like only to discover I love them.  I snack less, but when I do snack I go for things like macadamia nuts and carrots and cucumber slices.  Last night, I ate an orange for dessert and I couldn’t have been happier about it.  And me, the woman who hates exercise…I now look forward to going out for my daily walk…even walking up the hills.  It helps that I can actually get to the top of the hill without feeling like I’m about to go into cardiac arrest.

It’s all been pretty great…except for the Virginia incident.  I had to go to Richmond, VA for work.  Richmond is the home of a fabulous store called For The Love Of Chocolate. Allyson discovered the store while she was living in Richmond and no trip is complete without a visit.  I parked the car and told myself I was only going to buy a couple of things…mostly for other people…but from the moment I walked through the door, I knew that was a total lie.  The smell of chocolate was just so…amazing…and they have such great options there.  I bought more that a couple of things and while there were some gifts, I bought a bunch of chocolate just for myself.  Then I ate my first piece in the car.

And my second piece.

And a gourmet marshmallow.

I ate some more when I got back to the hotel.  Then again in the morning…before breakfast.  When I got home that night, J and I ordered Chinese and it was so delicious that I ate way too much.  The next morning, I dreaded getting on the scale.  I felt like crap…tired, bloated, heartburn and my stomach was killing me.  I had made pretty smart meal choices during my trip, but I didn’t drink enough water and I totally overdid it on chocolate and Chinese food.  I paid for it on the scale that next morning and I was so upset.  I’d worked so hard and I gave it up for some chocolate…some delicious, delicious chocolate.

So that day, I got myself right back on track.  Which is the beautiful thing.  I don’t think of this as a diet, so I don’t think about slip ups like the Great Chocolate Fiasco of 2014 as a failure…and more importantly, I don’t use them as an excuse to just toss my diet out the window.  Did I go batshit crazy over some chocolate and gain four pounds in three days?  Yup.  Did I hit the brakes and get back on track the next day?  Yup again.

Since I started this new lifestyle…because it’s not a diet and I flat-out refuse to call it a journey…I’ve lost a total of 22 pounds.  All my pants are falling off me.  I’m in my smaller jeans (not to be confused with my small jeans or my skinny jeans…I’m not there yet).  And two weeks ago when I went out to lunch with my mother, she didn’t even recognize me at first when I walked up to her.  It’s saying something when your own mother doesn’t recognize you.  I’ve got a long way to go, but this is a plan I can live with and I think I will finally have the kind of success that I’ve been wanting for so long.

Stay tuned.  Maybe I’ll even post a before an after picture eventually.



  1. I’m glad that it’s been working out for you! As for the change in palate–hunger is the best spice 😉 But seriously, good for you for finding what works, I hope it continues to go well for you.

    I hate the way a lot of books give that hard sell. When I reviewed Papas’ Slimmer (Mediterranean Diet) it went so far as to reach cult status in many of the things he was promoting and when I reviewed Probiotics for Dummies, oh, man, that thing was basically one big advertorial for his own probiotic line (not that he disclosed it as such–he wasn’t upfront at all about it–but it didn’t take much digging to see he was on the board of the companies he was touting). And don’t get me started on Year with no Sugar. That book not only pissed me off in a big way in general, her inspriation (Dr. Robert Lustig) wants to make sugar a controlled substance!

  2. You just made me cry. I am SO beyond happy for you girl. This is awesome! Kudos to you for falling down and getting back up – we are all human but the important part is to keep going. Thank you for the inspiration!!! oxoxo

  3. PS Mike and I have started to walk at night, we did that 3K and I nearly died.. ok, I’m being dramatic but I felt like I was going to fall over or lose a limb at any moment. I decided this time I need to do slow changes, walk/jog more often, eat better. While I loved all the fitness programs I’ve tried (P90X etc) it’s so hard, and I just would give up too soon, rather than working my way up to these events. Your progress gives me so much hope for my own situation and weight loss. Thanks so much for posting this!

  4. OMG, Shana!! 22 pounds?! That’s amazing! And look, there are going to be times when we fall off the wagon. But you can’t beat yourself up over it–and I love that you are being so gentle/nurturing to yourself :) That is wonderful. I wish you all the best success in the world. Wish we lived closer–I walk everywhere and always need a buddy!


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