1. Jesus. That IS a creepy mannequin.

    The preparation thing drives me nuts. I was just thinking about this in regard to traveling. When I was flying home from OH, the line for TSA was super long. As you know, the TSA people are constantly yelling out to have your ticket and ID handy, lap tops come out of bags, shoes off, etc. The woman two people in front of me didn’t have her ticket out and actually asked, “Oh, you need ID?” when asked for it. For real, lady? She then had to go rifling through her purse looking for it and pulled it out loose, which amazed me because who doesn’t keep theirs in a wallet of some sort? I mean, I know there are some people who don’t travel much, but the TSA regulations that began in response to 9/11 have now been in place for almost 13 years (ID checks, liquids, etc.). How can you not know some of this, especially when we’d just waited in line for 30 minutes listening to it?

  2. Can I just “ditto” everything Brooke said?

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