A special birthday wish…

Monday Musings is taking a break this week.  Because today is not just any Monday.  Today is a little bit special.

J hates when I write about him.  He’s always telling me that he’s copyrighted and that I can’t write about him without his express, written permission…which he will not give me.  I used to ignore his wishes and write about him all the time.  I mean…I almost couldn’t help it…he gives me such great material.  But I realized that it was kind of shitty for me to ignore his wishes like that.  Despite the fact that he’s usually the life of any party and that he’s a big joker when he’s at home with me, he’s actually kind of shy and incredibly private about his life.  He’s not on Facebook or Twitter, so it really wasn’t fair for me to have posts about him on my blog.  When I came back from my blogging vacation, I agreed to keep posts about him to a minimum…and except for mentioning him here and there as he related to another story I was telling, I’ve kept that promise.

Until today.  Because today is J’s birthday!

On Neal’s birthday, Ally wrote a really amazing tribute to him listing the 45 things she loves most about him.  It was really great and something I’d totally like to do.  But J would absolutely kill me.*  That’s far too much personal information for me to put out there.  So I’ll keep that private and I’ll just say this…

Happy birthday, sweetie.  I hope you have a wonderful day.  I love you.


*He’s going to kill me anyway.

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