Monday Musings…

Wow…August has been busy.  It’s been a pretty quiet summer for us so far…not a lot of commitments.  But that changed at the beginning of August!  From now until Labor Day it’s non-stop parties and barbeques.  I’m not complaining…I really enjoy it.  It’s just, well, busy.  It leaves very little time for things like napping and watching movies and blogging.

But I did make some observations this week…

  • Does it drive anyone else crazy that the press always refers to the Duchess of Cambridge as Kate Middleton?  I know there is some kind of rule about her not being called Princess Catherine or Duchess Catherine because she married into the royal family as opposed to being born into it, but that didn’t stop Diana from being called Princess Diana.  I guess I just find it rude that they don’t refer to her with some kind of title.  And didn’t the royal family ask that she be referred to as Catherine instead of Kate?  At the very least, they could do that.  This bugs me the way it bothers me when the president is referred to as Mr. Obama instead of President Obama.  Maybe I’m just odd.
  • Last week, there was a really bad accident close to my house…a driver got onto the highway and then onto the Tappan Zee Bridge driving the wrong way.  He drove that way for quite a distance and he showed no signs of stopping and trying to pull over.  In fact, he was honking his horn at other drivers like they were the ones that were wrong.  Sadly, he only stopped when he hit another car head on, killing the passenger.  Now…I can understand taking the wrong exit and maybe even not see the DO NOT ENTER signs…after all, it was dark and it is confusing where he entered the highway.  But when you see that ALL the other cars are coming right at you, don’t you pull over??? Scary stuff!
  • I went out for a walk at lunch today and, as I was running across the street against the light, I remembered when I was in Canada and Robyn explained that they take their walk/don’t walk signs seriously…as opposed to here where we consider them suggestions at best.  I remember just standing there at the corner and waiting, despite the fact that there were no cars in sight anywhere.  It was very frustrating.  Sometimes I hate how fast things move here and I wish we lived somewhere with a bit of a slower pace.  But then I wonder if I’d just get bored and frustrated all the time.  Anyone care to weigh in?
  • Speaking of moving away…J often talks of moving somewhere with a lower cost of living and lower taxes.  He mentions Texas a lot and lately, several of our friends have mentioned Texas as well.  When J first said it, I told him he was out of his mind…no way was I moving to Texas.  But the idea started to grow on me and I started to think “Hmmm…maybe Texas is a good idea.”  Then Sam Champion showed me the weather around the nation…in Texas last week, it was over 100 degrees every day.  Here it was a nice 80 with a cool breeze.  And that made up my mind about Texas.  I told J to start looking for something with a bit of a cooler climate.
  • Lastly…I went to get a file the other day and I saw this…
    This orchid at one time had no flowers on it.  My boss thought it was dead and threw it in the trash.  My co-worker was convinced she could save it and rescued her from going to the dumpster.  She now has a name…Audrey…and my co-worker takes care of her every day.  We all do…and we talk to her…and clearly we discuss her as if she’s a person.  And she has thanked us with these gorgeous flowers that brighten up the whole office.  There is a lesson here…something like never give up on what you want or just because it’s not so pretty now doesn’t mean it can’t be.  If we had let Audrey go into the dumpster she wouldn’t be able to make us all smile now.  Think about it.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. About your third bullet and crossing the street, it’s like that in California too. Californians actually abide by the jay-walking laws there. Like you said, people cross the street when they feel like it here, myself included, so it was hard for me to control the urge to just cross the street whenever it was clear of traffic. I recall having similar feelings of frustration to yours when the light said don’t walk and although there were no cars coming, we had to stand there and wait for it to say walk. I swear, I think my leg was even shaking with the need to just cross the damn street already. But the real kicker was when we parked halfway between two crosswalks and the place we had to go to was right across street from our car, but we had to walk to the crosswalk and then walk back to the store we needed to go in to when we could have just crossed the street from where we parked and walked right up to the store. Ugh! But I was in a different place and I had to readjust and follow their rules, no matter how frustrated it made me.

  2. not move to Texas. Seriously. Nothing about you says Texas. San Diego…maybe…North Carolina…definitely. You could even swing it in Illinois. But not Texas. Also, I looked at the picture of Audrey for a good 30 seconds thinking it was going to be about Orlando. But Audrey is very beautiful. Would be even more beautiful if Orlando was standing on the balcony behind her.

  3. SO true about the orchid and most things in life! Nice way to put a spin on that and what a great looking flower Audrey is!

    Slower pace IS nice, but it’s also frustrating at times. If you came here and drove around with me, you’d GET IT… (my frustration) but you’d also laugh when I say that 4 cars on one road to work is “traffic” compared to the Metropolitan areas of say Maryland/DC/VA etc. It’s nothing. I’ve noticed in coming home to visit, that I’m not as aggressive as I used to be while driving, walking, talking, etc. I’m more laid back. However this is a plus and a minus. IT takes me about 5 days before I start driving like I used to on the highway.

    If you want a lower cost of living trust me Alabama is pretty cheap, but our pay is cheap too – remember that. Lower cost of living means less money in pay as well. And hot as hell too!!! This summer has been so great!!! Nothing upwards from 100, actually most days are low 90’s or 80’s and I have loved it, but I fear the winter will be hell because of it. Bottom line, more near a shore so you can enjoy the summers but don’t get too close to the shore, hurricane season is a bitch! Oh, and the South also means TORNADOES… it’s a double edge sword!

    Why don’t they refer to Kate with her married last name – that’s what I don’t get. Come to think of it, what is their last name??? I wonder if it just took some time to name Princess Di “Princess” to the masses? Or maybe the Royals don’t want to get too attached after what happened with Di and Charles, ya know? For all we know Kate might be like me… sort of in love with her maiden name and while she loves her hubby isn’t ready to give it up? NO clue but it’s definitely odd!

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