How I did…part three…

Wow…this week was a total mess.  Work was crazy and when I wasn’t there I felt like I was just running around everywhere.  I totally missed my bright side post.  The bright side of that is the reason I was so busy…which is because I’m heading to Kentucky tomorrow to see my bestie and to celebrate Baby E’s first birthday!!!  Can I just point out how fast that year has flown by???

Anyway…I planned to do two separate posts to finish out my 101 list.  But since that didn’t happen, and in the interest of moving things along here, I’m going to finish it up today.

And here we go…

51. Get a library cardCompleted 1/11/12…Of course, I haven’t used it yet.  But I got it!

52. Answer the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”Completedyou can read the answers here.

53. Go to the zoo in the spring to see the baby animals – Completed on 5/31/11…Ally and I took a trip to The Bronx Zoo

54. Eat a meal alone in a restaurant –  Completed!…During my first road trip to VA to visit the Millers, I ate lunch at Applebee’s.  It was a little strange to sit alone, but I read a book and ate my salad and it was very nice.  Certainly better than eating a burger in my car.

55. Go to the movies alone 10 times – FAIL…I don’t think I went to the movies 10 times total, never mind 10 times alone

56. Get a henna “tattoo” on my hands – FAIL…There was a vague plan for this, but it never quite worked out.

57. Get properly measured and buy 3 really good bras once per year – Completed!…And Oprah is right…a good bra does wonders for your figure.

58. Go to mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Completed 2/22/12…I had a crappy seat and couldn’t hear very well, but I was there and it was a really nice experience.

59. Give everyone on my Christmas list a handmade gift – Completed on 12/25/11Everyone got at least one handmade item and it was a huge success.  I will be doing this in the future as much as possible.

60. Get a bikini wax – FAIL… HAHAHAHAHAHA – I’m a total wuss.  I don’t like pain.

61. Purchase a 1 year subscription to the NY Lottery – Completed 11/22/10I didn’t win.

62. Reach 500 blog posts – Completed…Today’s post is actually #600!

63. Do three more blog giveaways – Completed…1st (apron), 2nd (12 days of Christmas, which I’m counting as one) and 3rd (Kiva card).

64. Order room service – Completed 11/6/12…After a day of far too much booze in Mexico, we were in no shape to sit in a restaurant for dinner.  So we ordered room service.

65. Write a love letter – Completed on 8/26/11To J for his birthday.

66. Organize every room of my house – FAIL…I’m always about halfway there.

67. Buy myself a diamond ring (like Oprah’s pinky ring) – FAIL.  I was actually hoping for a diamond of a different sort, but that never happened either.

68. Watch every movie currently on my Netflix queue – CompletedI started with about 400 movies on my list.  There are currently about 70, but none of them were on there at the beginning.  I can tell you that there are a lot of crappy movies out there.

69. Watch all the movies we own on DVD…even the stupid ones – FAIL.  I watched too many stupid movies and decided I was done wasting my time.

70. Meet a blog friend in person – Completed on 10/29/10 when I met the fabulous Ally and now we are besties!

71. Go snorkeling – FAIL…Wanted to do this in Mexico, but I’m a chicken shit.  Also…I had a lot of spa credits so I got massages instead.

72. Read 100 books – CompletedI ended up reading 112.

73. Have a girls night once per month – FAIL…I think I had a girls night maybe five times total.  It’s very hard when your friends live all over the country.

74. Do a boudoir photo shoot – Completed 6/17/12Loved the results.  Take a look here.

75. Visit a psychic – Completed 10/18/13I got some very specific predictions, but nothing she said actually happened.

76. Spend a day lying in a hammock reading and napping – Completed…It wasn’t a hammock…but it fulfilled the spirit of the item.

77. Take a walk in the rain – FAIL…I mean, I’ve walked in the rain, but only out of necessity.  The point was to take a stroll in the rain.  I didn’t.

78. Ride in a hot air balloon – FAIL…Here’s the things…hot air balloon rides are expensive.  And I never had that kind of disposable income.  Maybe next time.

79. Build a snowman – Completed 2/9/13…It wasn’t pretty, but it was a lot of fun.

80. Color an entire coloring book – FAIL…I got a great coloring book as a Christmas present last year, but I only colored about half the book.

81. Carve a pumpkin – Completed sometime in January…much like the snowman, it wasn’t pretty, but it was fun.

82. Go on a date with J once per month – HAHAHAH – HUGE FAIL…J doesn’t like to go out…ever.  I think we went on two or three dates total.

83. See 3 Broadway shows – Completed…I saw Elf on 12/4/10, The Motherfucker in the Hat on 5/31/11 and Wicked on 11/15/11

84. Go to 5 concerts – CompletedJay-Z and Eminem, Sarah McLachlan, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones and Maroon 5.

85. Dress up for Halloween – Completed 10/31/10…see the photos here.

86. Buy a completely impractical dress just because I love it – FAIL.  I just never did it.

87. Throw a party – FAIL…I blame J for this.  I planned a huge party for his 40th, but he caught wind of it and made me cancel it.  He doesn’t like parties or being the center of attention.

88. Go out dancing – FAIL…I’m old and I go to bed early.

89. Watch season 1 of Mad Men, Glee and Arrested Development – Completed…I love Glee and I still watch it, Mad Men was great, but it didn’t stick and Arrested Development…I just don’t get it.

90. Go to a midnight movie premiere – Completed 11/19/10 when I went to the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Midnight premieres are not for me.

91. Celebrate Champagne Friday every week for 1 month – FAIL – I definitely did this, just not four weeks in a row.

92. Shoot a gun at a shooting range – FAIL…I had an appointment for a class, but I had to cancel and I never had time to reschedule.

93. Play hooky from work one day for no reason – Completedat the beginning of September…it was fabulous.  I got a mani/pedi and watched a movie.

94. Attend a taping of a TV show – FAIL…I’m on the list for Live with Kelly and Michael, but I haven’t gotten tickets yet.

95. Take the pastry class at ICE – Completed 10/8/10which you can read about here or here or here

96. Cook my way through a cookbook –FAIL…the problem here is that J doesn’t like anything.  He likes boring food and he hates desserts.  I couldn’t find a book that actually had recipes that I thought he’d eat.

97. Create a signature cupcake – FAIL…trying to lose weight and testing cupcake recipes don’t really mix.

98. Put together a recipe book from all the random recipes in the kitchen – FAIL…this was sheer laziness.

99. Give a copy of that recipe book to someone as a gift – FAIL…you can’t give away something that doesn’t exist!

100. Write a blog post about each item I complete on the list – Completed…At the very least, I count these past couple of posts to fulfill this.

101. Write a new 101 list – Completed…I started the new list yesterday and I’ll be posting it next week.

If my count is correct, I completed 48 out of 101.  I’m disappointed that I didn’t finish them all, but I think it was pretty good for a first attempt.  Yesterday I started my new list and I’m determined to do a better job next time.

Anyone else finish their list recently?  How did you do???


  1. Wow! You are awesome–you completed so many items on this list! I really love this idea and might borrow from you. There are a few things I’d really love to accomplish in my lifetime… Plus, I love being able to check things off. Is that weird??

    Great job! Also, I recently got a library card, too, and was so incredibly excited about it :) Sometimes it’s the little things. XOXO

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