How I did…part two…

Welcome to the second installment of how I did.  This is a long list, so I hope you don’t get bored reading.  Especially since there are so many failures on it.  I totally won’t be offended if you skip around or skim it….

26.  Buy a Flip camera and make 1 home movie per week for 1 year –  FAIL…I actually got a camera…but I have no children and  I’m not a Kardashian so sex tapes are out of the question.  That left me with taping the dogs.  And really…how many videos can I have of the dogs just chasing each other around the yard.  After about a month, I stopped this.  I will pick it back up when there is a baby.

27.  Create a journal of clippings, photos, quotes and other things I love – Completed!  This is actually a work in progress, but that was kind of the idea.  The goal was basically to start this and make it a habit.  That’s what I’ve done, so I count this as a win.

28.  Create an emergency kit for both houses – FAIL…This is probably my biggest disappointment.  During the time I was working on my list we had two major hurricanes and lost power for over a week each time.  We planned really well before each storm, so we were fine.  But an emergency kit would have been really nice.  This is my first priority on my new list.

29.  Drink 64 ounces of water every day for 64 days straight  FAIL – I say that as I look around at the empty Diet Coke cans on my desk.  I definitely drink more water than I did before.  But I still drink Diet Coke with my breakfast.

30.  Complete the Couch to 5K program  FAIL.  I’m not a runner.  I want to be a runner, but I hate it.  I hate every second of it.  It makes my knees and back hurt and I’ve never, ever experienced a runner’s high.  It’s time to admit I’m not a runner and accept it.

31.  Reach my goal weight and stay there – FAILLike the rest of the world, I spent all my time looking for some big weight loss secret.  I tried a few fad diets and then Weight Watchers and then Jenny Craig three times.  The reality is…there is no big secret.  You just need to change your lifestyle.  Which is what I’m not doing.  Hopefully, this will work better next time.

32.  Take the dogs on a walk for at least 30 minutes every day for 1 month – FAIL…I live in a very hilly neighborhood.  And my dogs are just as lazy as I am.  We do go for more walks than before…but we certainly aren’t doing it every day.

33.  Take a yoga class – FAIL…Yoga is boring, but also intimidating.  I bought a Groupon, but I had no one to take a class with, so I chickened out.  Then I bought a DVD…and it’s still in the package.  I think this is kind of like running.  I think I just have to give up the dream.

34.  Save $10,000 – Completed 12/16/12…I used to be the girl who lived paycheck to paycheck and I had no savings.  So this was huge for me.  I never thought I’d get there, but I’m so happy I did.  I love looking at that bank balance now.

35.  Pay off all my credit cards in full each month for 1 year – Completed 12/31/12Again…I lived on credit cards.  I never thought I’d be able to be in a place where I could just pay them off every month and not carry a balance.  But I did it.  I have to admit, there were a few months where I did carry a balance.  I made two very large purchases in the middle of the year and I didn’t want to take cash out of my savings to pay for them.  But it was pre-planned and before I even bought the items, I had a plan for paying them off and I stuck to the plan.  This was great and a habit I want to keep up forever.

36.  Go 1 month without making a non-essential purchase – Completed 3/31/12March was my month and it was pretty successfulIt really made me realize how much money I waste.

37.  Sell 5 things on Ebay – FAIL…the goal here was to declutter and make some money in the process.  I did declutter by donating a lot of things to charity.  But I haven’t been successful at selling the things that have a bit of value.  I did take them all out of the closet in which they were stored and I took the pictures.  But halfway just doesn’t cut it.

38.  Sell something I make on Etsy – FAIL…I’m not sure if it was laziness that prevented me from doing this or the fear of failure.  I have an idea for an Etsy store and I have the items to list.  I just never did it.  I’m very disappointed with this.

39.  Study something entirely new – FAIL…This was a tough one for me.  I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to study…so I just skipped over it.  I kept thinking I’d have more time.  I didn’t.

40.  Conquer a fear – FAIL…My intention on this was to conquer my fear of heights.  I’m terrified.  I thought going on a hot air balloon ride and maybe spending a day riding roller coasters would put me on the road to getting over it.  But I’m a chicken, so I didn’t do it.

41.  Go to 5 different museums – Completed!The Ellis Island Museum, The Discovery Times Square Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Sex and The American Museum of Natural History.  There were others too, but I stopped keeping track after 5.

42.  Create a house cleaning schedule and stick to it – FAIL…as evidenced by the dust bunnies and dog hair in the every room.  Between the dogs shedding and J following me around and making a mess of things I’ve just cleaned, this was a losing battle and I just gave up.  The house isn’t really dirty…just a little dusty and mess…and the laundry is usually done.  And when company is coming I do a really good cleaning.  And that’s going to have to be good enough.

43.  Go to bed at 9PM every night for 1 week – FAIL…I tried.  I really did.  I got into bed at 9…and I laid there and stared at the ceiling for three hours until I was tired.  I did it for two nights before I gave up.  But at least I learned that 9pm is far too early for me to go to bed.

44.  Wake up at 5AM every morning for 1 week – Completed.  This was great.  I had so much time in the morning and I got lots of stuff done.  I wasn’t racing out of the house like my hair was on fire in order to catch my train.  I got to work earlier.  I loved it.  But I stopped doing it after a while, because I was really tired.  Maybe if I went to bed at 9…

45.  Keep my inbox empty for 1 month – Completed 4/30/12…This has actually become a habit with me.  No longer do I have 300 emails in my inbox.  They get read the same day I get them and I either save them to a folder, answer them or delete them within a few days.  Yay for a nice, empty inbox.

46.  Write a will and advanced medical directive – FAIL…I have written instructions giving my friend the authority to make end of life decisions for me…since I know that J and my parents will not respect my wishes to not be kept on life support.  However, it’s not an official document and probably wouldn’t actually work.  But I never sat down and made it official.  Part of it was being cheap, part of it was laziness and part of it was not wanting to think about death.

47.  Write “in case of death” letters – FAIL…My intention here was to write letters to certain people to be given to them in the case of my untimely demise.  There are just some things that I think people should know…in case I don’t get a chance to tell them directly.  I tried to do this…honestly.  But I’m not good at talking about my emotions and this got to be too much.  So I stopped and then never finished.  It’s going on my next list.

48.  Pick a day to perform random acts of kindness – FAIL – I spent a lot of time planning this, and then I ran out of time to actually do it.  Oops.

49.  Watch the sunrise and sunset on the same day – Completed 11/7/12I actually did this pretty much every day while I was in Mexico.  Because of the time difference, I was waking up before the sun, so I’d drag my butt to the beach to catch the sunrise.  Then I’d watch the sunset from the balcony while we got ready for dinner.  It was so nice.

50.  Watch the sunset and the sunrise without going to bed – FAIL…This was one of those things that I have to wonder what I was thinking.  I’m far too old for staying up all night.



  1. 30. I don’t get running. I will never get into running. I know nothing about “runners high” because I experience no such thing. It’s just not for me.
    40. I am terrified of heights. I can hardly even drive over a bridge. It didn’t help that last week, a car was hit by a tractor trailer and went off the side of the Bay Bridge (one of our local bridges) and plunged into the water. The driver survived the fall and swam ashore. But now I’m even more terrified of bridges.
    45. I’d love to keep my inbox empty. But I’m not sure it’s possible. Kudos to you for making that happen!

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