How I did…part one…

Almost three years ago, I started my first attempt at a 101 in 1001 list.  When I started, I was determined to get the entire list finished.  1001 days seemed like a really long time and I didn’t have anything on the list that seemed unrealistic.

Well…as it turns out, 1001 days go really fast.  I also have to admit that while I started out strong, I kind of lost my motivation in the middle.  I picked it up some at the end, but I ran out of time and I didn’t finish.

Here’s part one of how I did…

  1. Send someone flowers for no reason – Completed 1/11/12.   Turns out…it’s not easy to send flowers for no reason.  At the very least, my reason was to fulfill this item on my list.  But every time I tried this, I was either going to send flowers because someone was having a bad day or they had done something nice for me or they achieved some sort of milestone.  Eventually, I did just pick a random day to send flowers to someone who often went out of her way for me.  She wasn’t expecting them and it was a nice surprise for her.
  2. Pay for a strangers meal at a drive-through – Completed 9/3/10…read about it hereIt turned out to be a bit of a disaster for the McDonald’s employees, but I’m sure the people behind me appreciated it.  It’s definitely something I’d like to do again.
  3. Give a microloan through – Completed 9/3/10This has been great.  I just made my 10th loan and several of my friends have made loans as well.  It’s a great program.  If you have an extra $25, think about making a loan.
  4. Find out my blood type and donate blood – Completed 1/11/12.  I considered this completed because I tried.  I wasn’t able to donate because I was slightly anemic.  But I tried and will try again sometime in the future.
  5. Travel to 5 places I’ve never been – Completed 11/6/13…Savannah, GA…Edmonton, AB, Canada…Lexington KY…Macon, GA…Playa del Camen, Mexico
  6. Take a road trip alone – Completed 1/1/13.  I took my first trip to Petersburg, VA to visit the Millers.  I’m hoping to do a longer trip later this summer.
  7. Take a walking tour of NYC – Completed 5/6/13.  Ally and I took a tour of Central Park.  I’ve been there a million times and when I trained for the marathon, I did training runs in the park.  But other than the zoo and the running path, I’ve really not see much of the park.  So we hit on all the best sights, including the boating pond, the literary walk, Bethesda fountain, Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Field and the carousel.  We also decided to walk down the ramble with a stroller…which was a dumb idea.  But it was a really great day and we got to see so much of the park.
  8. Visit the Statue of Liberty – Completed during the Shana/Ally NYC extravaganza.
  9. Spend a weekend in Atlantic City – FAIL.  I never made it and then Sandy happened and things were a mess down there.  Also, when the Millers were living in VA, free weekends were spent with them.  I’ll try again on the next list.
  10. Go on vacation with my sister-in-law – FAIL.  Between a lack of time and a lack of funds, this never happened.
  11. Travel somewhere by train – FAIL.  I was planning to go to either Boston or DC, but preferred to spend my time away visiting people who were in neither Boston or DC.
  12. Go to Disney World – FAIL.  Again, lack of time.  And Mexico just seemed like a better idea than Disney.
  13. Write a novel – FAIL.  It’s in my head.  I just haven’t written it down.
  14. Participate in NaNoWriMo – FAIL.  November is busy.  But like I said above…the novel is in there.  I just have to find the time to get it out.
  15. Participate in NaBloPoMo – Done!  Completed on 11/30/11  Even through my dad’s accident, I kept going.  It was a really great exercise during a time when I was slacking on my blog.  It got me back into the swing of blogging.
  16. Redesign my blog – Completed…The new design went live on 11/6/11!  It’s since gotten another new face lift.
  17. Comment on every blog post I read for one week – Completed on 3/27/11  I’ve since slacked off on my blog commenting again.
  18. Crochet an afghan using the yarn I’ve had in the closet for a year – FAILI was about halfway done with this and I hated the way it was looking.  So I tore it all out and I never got started again.
  19. Refinish a piece of furniture – FAILAgain…I started.  And then I stopped and never re-started.
  20. Use my sewing machine…finally – FAIL.  It still sits in the craft room…covered and completely unused.
  21. Take a photography class – Completed 12/21/12I took the Digital SLR 101 class from Flying Photo School.  I learned a ton and I plan to take the remaining four classes they offer.
  22. Take 48 pictures in 1 day and create a photo book of a day in my life – FAIL…I’m sorry to say that I never even tried this.  I kept thinking that I wanted to do it on a day that I was doing something at least a little interesting.  But on those days, I usually didn’t have time to take pictures or I simply forgot.  It’s going on the next list.
  23. Do a 365 day photo project – FAIL…I started this twice, but both times I got busy and would forget to take a picture each day.  I also took a lot of the pictures on my phone, which wasn’t the point of this project.  I really wanted to use my camera more.  So I will make another attempt on the next list.
  24. Create a monthly scrapbook every month for 1 year – FAIL…This one sort of fizzled out when the photo project didn’t work out.
  25. Make a calendar to give as a Christmas gift – FAIL…The same thing happened with this one as the one above.

Tune in tomorrow for the next 25 items.  I did a bit better with those items.

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