One more thing…

I couldn’t resist adding to yesterday’s list of things I just don’t understand.

Last night, while walking on Fifth Avenue, I encountered this…



This is the line to get into Abercrombie & Fitch.  It stretched down the block and around the corner and there were probably 100 people on it.  I really don’t understand this.  First of all…it was about a thousand degrees last night.  Standing there, with all those people so close to you, it had to be even hotter.  You couldn’t have paid me to stand in line outside last night…even to do something super fun.

But the thing that really blows me away is that this isn’t a line to get into see a television show taping or a Broadway play or the Empire State Building.  This is a line to go into a store…a store that is found in pretty much every mall in the country.  Hell…it’s not even the only Abercrombie in the city.

I have some very strong opinions about A&F.  I think their CEO is a douchebag and I wouldn’t set foot in that store if you paid me to do so.  But I know not everyone feels that way and some people buy into the whole A&F=cool thing.  Hey, if they want to spend $88 for a pair of microscopic jean shorts…more power to them.  But I will never understand why they are all standing there.  Rent a Zip car and drive to any mall in New Jersey…it will probably be shorter than waiting on that ridiculous line.

So…can anyone explain this to me???  Because I really don’t get it.


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