Random Musings Friday…

I started this particular Random Musings Friday post about three Fridays ago.  Then I never got to finish it.  Because that’s the way life has been going lately.  I’m either super busy or totally exhausted.  I keep hoping for things to slow down or to win the lottery, but so far neither wish has come true.  So I’ll keep hoping and keep waiting.  In the meantime, here are this week’s random musings…


  • Have you ever noticed that when you are on the phone with a customer service rep and they’ve been absolutely not helpful in any way, they still end the conversation with “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”  Anything ELSE???  You didn’t help me with anything at all!  They really need to drop the “else”.  I think I’m going to tell that to the next person who is completely unhelpful to me.
  • I think it’s pretty well accepted that while James Patterson used to be awesome, he’s basically just phoning it in these days.  Mostly, he gets other people to write his books and just sticks his name on them and collects the paycheck.  And the ones he does write alone, the Alex Cross series, are really just terrible.  My question is…why do I keep buying them???  Maybe someday I’ll smarten up and stop handing this man my hard-earned money.
  • Yesterday on the train, the woman in across from me was putting on her makeup.  She actually used eyeliner to draw a mole on her face.  I’ve never actually seen someone do that…I’m mean, outside of Halloween.  Can anyone explain the point of that?  Does she think she’s fooling anyone?  Because, to me, it looked like she just got a little smudge of something there on her face.  Is this a thing?  Do people actually do this?

And lastly…a burning question from the bedroom…

  • Do you use a top sheet on your bed?  This has been an ongoing debate between J and I for the last 12 years.  I do not like a top sheet on the bed and usually don’t put one on.  I have a habit, stemming back from my childhood when I was convinced that the monsters under the bed were going to eat my feet, of completely wrapping myself in the comforter like a burrito.  I no longer believe in monsters under the bed, but I still like having my feet wrapped in the comforter.  Having a top sheet on the bed and tucked in at the bottom prevents me from doing this.  J, on the other hand, likes a top sheet and finds it “weird” and “strange” that I have this aversion.  So, as I do with most of our debates, I leave it to you all to tell me if I’m a total freak or if you agree that a top sheet on the bed is just unnecessary.

That’s it for me.  Hopefully, I’ll be back next week.  Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


  1. I burrito myself with the top sheet (I pull it out from the bottom of the bed) but I also use a comforter. My husband and I also use separate comforters. It’s an extensive set up.

  2. We don’t use top sheets. At our house, they serve the purpose of covering the dog crate. I even forget to put them on the guest bed, I’m so used to just dismissing their existence.

    And the mole lady – thought about that one a little more. What a weird thing to fake. What if she forgets one day? She’d have to say she had it removed and she can’t ever do it again. And anyone who was on to her would find it pathetic that she continues with the charade. What kind of insecurity or dissatisfaction does one have with oneself that they fake a mole and make it part of their identity?

  3. Huh, I never realized not using a top sheet was a thing. I have to have a top sheet AND have it tucked in at the bottom–I love the weight of a comforter but I don’t want it directly touching me.

  4. The mole lady is a freak show. Who fakes a mole? Who wants MORE moles!? And if you’re going to fake a mole – who puts it on in public?! This lady is clearly a weirdo.

    No top sheet? I’m with Scraps – I didn’t know that was a thing either. This is part of my love of clean sheets day – the top sheet tucked under. Since the Boy is so tall he kicks the top sheet out until it’s untucked. When we were dating I used to wash my sheets on days when I knew he wouldn’t be there so that I could have clean sheets day to myself.

    Here’s my question – does this mean you wash your duvet each time you wash your sheets? That seems like too much work to me. Couldn’t you burrito yourself with the top sheet + duvet?

  5. Count me in with the top sheet crew. I need the structure of a tucked in top sheet. I actually get annoyed if it gets slightly untucked and loose – I will get up and retuck it if Phil’s big canoes somehow dislodge it.

  6. Top Sheet: The only time I ever use this sheet is A) If it’s hot as hell in the house, and I can’t handle the weight of the comforter, I use the top sheet as a cover. I need to have a cover most nights. or B) I’m at the beach and want a nice base for my towels and/or blanket. I put down a top sheet.

    Otherwise they are reserved for blanket forts, or dog beds. Top sheets are POINTLESS.

    Faux mole on the face – what is this the late 80’s? When everyone wanted to be Madonna or Cindy Crawford? Seriously strange.

  7. I always use a top sheet but never tucked in. I keep it loose like the comforter. I hate the feeling of being trapped under tight tucked-in sheets. If I go to a hotel, I’ll untuck everything — sheets and blankets — before getting in bed. I like to be loosey goosey.

  8. LMAO about the customer service reps. I actually had that happen to me earlier today but didn’t think about the “else” part. You’re absolutely right!

    I have never read a James Patterson book. Am I the only one?

    I remember mole-drawing was very popular in the 80s when Cindy Crawford was THE IT GIRL. Now? Not so much. That’s just weird.

    NO TOP SHEET! I totally cocoon myself into my blankets every night, too. I like the extra cushioning under my feet (maybe this stems from my fear of monsters, too…)

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