What I learned…Virginia edition…

A few weeks ago, I got to take a second road trip to Virginia via Hershey, PA.  It was a great trip and I had a great time with the Millers.  I also learned a bunch of things.  Here are the highlights…

  • It is possible to eat too much chocolate.  I never thought it would happen, but after eating my own weight in chocolate…one bite sized sample at a time…I didn’t even want to look at chocolate.  Cupcakes, yes…chocolate no.  In fact, I just opened one of the bags of kisses I bought last night.  Kisses have never lasted in my house for so long. (The ones I bought for J are long gone.  Lucky for me, he doesn’t like coconut, so my coconut cream kisses are safe.)
  • Thomas Jefferson was kind of an asshole.  One of our many stops on this trip was Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s former estate.  The setting is amazing…at the top of a hill overlooking a good part of the state.  And the house itself was pretty interesting.  But Jefferson was a total hippocrite…declaring all men to be equal in the constitution while he owned slaves.  He would often do things like sell off the children of slaves that made him angry and upon his death, he only set five slaves free though he owned dozens.  Also…Jefferson might have been an innovator when it came to architecture, but the man couldn’t even manage to design a decent staircase.  I’m afraid of heights and I barely made it down the ridiculously steep and narrow stairs without having a panic attack.
  • Milton Hershey was a magnificent person.  In stark contrast to the jerk that Jefferson was, Milton Hershey couldn’t do enough for people.  He bounced back from the verge of his third bankruptcy to become one of the most successful businessmen ever.  He shared his wealth with his employees, making sure they were able to purchase their own homes and wanting them to be happy in their jobs (imagine that!).  When the Depression hit, he used some of his money to build a hotel and other buildings in order to create jobs for people and make sure they were able to keep working.  He also started a school for underprivileged children that still exists today.  He died broke because he gave all his money away to make other people’s lives better.  And a portion of the money you spend on Hershey products to this day goes to continue Mr. Hershey’s legacy.  Hearing his life story made me a Hershey customer for life.
  • Even when the wind chill is 10 degrees, visiting a place called Foamhenge is worth it.  I love cheesy roadside attractions.  You may remember the 34 foot tall statue of Mary I visited on my last trip.  Well, Foamhenge was awesome in it’s cheesiness.  We threw both of our cars out of alignment driving up the pothole filled dirt road to get there and we froze while we were there.  But I can now say I’ve seen it and here’s a photo to prove it.IMG_4438
  • If you spend enough time feeding a baby, he will eventually sneeze with his mouth full and you will wear his dinner all over you.  But he will look at you and laugh and it will all be worth it.  E cried every time I looked at him on my last visit.  This time we were BFF.  And he thought I looked hilarious wearing his chicken and spinach.
  • Aborigines are not, in fact, “those really white people from Africa with the bones through their noses”…despite what your best friend might say.  Allyson tried to convince me of this for at least 10 minutes, but after a google search, she realized she was confusing Aborigines and albinos…which aren’t the same thing at all.  Of course, I tried to convince her that President Eisenhower was a cross dresser…so we were totally even.
  • When you ignore your friend’s advice to get gas at the Wawa down the block from her house before you get on the road, you will definitely hit empty while in the middle of nowhere and you will end up at a gas station straight out of a cheesy horror movie.  And the gas will be over $4/gallon.IMG_4514

There are so many things I’m forgetting.  We packed our five days with as many things as we could and we had a blast.  The Millers are only going to be living in driving distance for 66 more days.  I’m hoping to sneak in one more quick trip down.  I’m just not sure tax season is going to cooperate with me.


  1. I picked up the Hershey biography a few years back and his story is really something! The book also included the reason Hershey chocolate tastes so different from the European chocolates he was competing with, which I find fascinating. Even if I can’t eat any of it anymore.

  2. You had me semi-sold on baby substances until you got to “chicken and spinach,” and now I’m done eating for the day. E’s lucky he’s effing adorable :)

  3. So glad you got to see Foamhenge. And no swarms of gnats I presume? Isn’t Foamhenge delightfully ridiculous? It’s so stupid that I love it.

  4. Foamhenge. I did not know there was such a place. I am totally adding that to my “Must be Seen” list!

  5. Oh, creepy gas stations…. My mom and I drove back from Seattle when I moved home, and we ended up in Montana during some Indian Pow Wow. Oh… the creepy was at an all time high. Indians like blonde, apparently. Also, there was a lot of pot.

    Those cupcakes are amazing….were amazing.

  6. sounds like you had a blast… and now all I want to do is eat chocolate!!!

  7. Awwwwm, sounds like you had a great time with the Millers! DUDE, that gas station is freaky. You are BRAVE girls!

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