Not so nice…

So remember last week when I was all “Smiling’s my favorite” and I was being super nice to everyone and it was all sunshine and rainbows over here?  Yeah…I tried.  Really, I tried to keep the streak alive, but it was a looooooong weekend and a long Monday and I eventually lost my shit.  Let me explain…

All last week, the forecasters were predicting a snow storm.  But not just any snowstorm.  This was to be a SNOWSTORM!!!  It was predicted to be epic and historic and biblical…and some other ridiculous phrases that I can’t remember.  By Thursday we were expecting somewhere between 2 and 30 inches of snow and people were panicking.  I actually wrote half a post about it for Friday, but then I got sucked into watching the news and I never finished.  Instead, I went to the grocery store with every other lunatic in my area and while they stocked up on milk, bread and eggs, I bought the essentials…Diet Coke, beer and Valentine’s candy.  Oh…and strawberry ice cream.  I know how to get us through a storm.

On Friday, I left work really early, packed up the car and headed to CT.  I settled in and engaged in my favorite storm activity…watching non-stop news coverage of the storm.  Seriously…I have a problem.  Also…I watched General Hospital.  I haven’t watched that show in years and yet, one episode and I’m all caught up.  I love soap operas.

Anyway, Friday was uneventful.  There was a lot of snow and a lot of Twitter updates and a lot of praying that the lights stayed on.  When the dogs woke me up at the crack of dawn on Saturday, the lights were still on…but I had to dig a path through several inches of snow that had fallen through the night in order to let the dogs out.  Shoveling snow in my pajamas is not exactly my idea of a good time.  But the dogs loved it and running through the snow tired them out.

I played with the dogs outside for a while and reverted to my childhood by making a snow angel that the dogs immediately walked through and destroyed and building a snowman.  It was all kinds of fun…until I came inside to find that the cable had gone out.  Which meant that I could not watch non-stop news coverage.  Also…I had no internet.  No cable was bad, but no internet was so much worse.

I called the cable company and I was super nice.  Widespread outage due to the weather…that’s what they told me.  They promised it would be fixed in 24 hours and swore I didn’t need an appointment with a technician.  I thanked the representative profusely and went about my day, watching movies and reading a book and looking at all the snow in the driveway from the window while wishing fairies would come and shovel it in the middle of the night.

On Sunday morning, I discovered that the fairies hadn’t cleared the snow and the cable was still out.  I called the cable company again and they assured me just a few more hours.  I killed time by going out and shoveling…and cursing J’s name.  See…he once again had the brilliant idea that he should stay in one house while I went to the other.  He also felt that we didn’t need to hire a snow plowing company because “we could totally handle shoveling the driveway ourselves.”  Which meant that I was alone to shovel a crap ton of snow and I was not happy about it.

I quickly became overwhelmed and at one point there was crying in the garage…because I didn’t think I’d ever get all the snow shoveled.  After an hour a shoveling and barely a dent…I took a break.  I checked in with the cable company and they told me the outage was fixed and if my service was still not working I’d need a technician.  I was frustrated and tired and overwhelmed with snow and bored out of my skull…but I was still pretty nice to the guy on the phone.  I thought I could sweet talk him into sending someone out to me on a Sunday.  He said he was going to try and would call me back in 20 minutes.

An hour later…no call.  So I called again.  I was told that an appointment had been scheduled for me…on Monday…during working hours.  My nice started wearing off then.  I strongly suggested that the guy on the phone get a technician out to my house…TODAY!  It worked too…because someone showed up at 6PM.  Except, he couldn’t fix my problem.  My problem was with a line down the street and that was a different department and they were gone for the day and couldn’t come out until Monday.

The nice was really thin when I called again.  I allowed some of my irritation to come through and I might have even called them liars, accusing them of taking the easy way out and blaming the storm for the trouble instead of just sending a tech out the first time I called.  They once again told me my service would be up and running in 24 hours.  I just rolled my eyes and said “Sure, whatever” and went to bed with no cable.

Monday morning was interesting.  The snow threw the MTA for a loop and train service was super messed up.  It seems like maybe the MTA should be prepared for snowy weather considering this is the northeast and it’s winter and IT SNOWS EVERY FREAKING YEAR!!!  But no…they are never prepared.  So the trains were short cars and they were crazy packed.  It was claustrophobic and unpleasant…and really, really long.  The ride home in the afternoon wasn’t any better and the day at the office in between train rides was busy and annoying.

By the time I got off the train, I was tired, cranky, starving and I wanted to go home and watch some mindless TV.  The cable company called me as I drove from the train station to the house and informed me that I would probably need another tech appointment.  And that is when my nice went out the window.  There was major attitude and yelling.  I was fed up and I demanded an apology for the fact that they didn’t bother to address my problem right away.  I also demanded a credit…not only for the three days I had no service, but for the aggravation that they caused.  I guess I was a little scary because he gave me a $20 credit.  It’s not much, but I’ll take it.  Oh…and the cable was working when I got home.  Yay!

It feels like it’s been at least two weeks since last Friday, but it’s only been three days.  I tried to put on a happy face this morning and I’m hoping the day gets better.  My co-worker brought in cupcakes, so things are already looking up!  And I promise to try to be nice and start smiling again.


  1. I hate when I try to be in a good mood and the world conspires to ruin my positivity.

  2. You totally don’t need to put on a happy face. I would have shit a brick.

    This is one thing I hate about the world… they say you get more bees with honey but lately it seems to me that you only get shit done for you if you’re angry. Ever notice that?

    I’m glad your cable is fixed, I would have been tearing my hair out, and that you got a credit. Makes getting angry worth it!!!

  3. Oy. I’m sorry, momma. My patience would wear thin with that, too. That’s frustrating, never mind all of the snow you had to shovel! It’s crazy how much you got in CT.

    I get really REALLY cranky without cable/internet, too. Like, get-out-of-my-path cranky.

    Hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO

  4. missing you, momma, and hope all is well and that you’re having a better week. *HUGS*

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