Day 24…Team Rubicon…

Merry Christmas Eve!  When I started this project, I thought a lot about which organizations to feature when.  Obviously, thing like Toys for Tots had to be early in the month so they could meet their donation deadlines.  But I wasn’t sure what to talk about on significant days, like today.  I wanted to make sure it was an organization that was doing incredible work…but I also wanted it to be one that people might not have heard of before.  I think I found that with Team Rubicon.

I had never heard of Team Rubicon until Hurricane Sandy.  They were the first ones to show up in The Rockaways after the rain stopped and they were the first ones to start helping the people there who had lost everything.  So I looked them up to find out what they do.  As it turns out…they do an awful lot.

Team Rubicon’s slogan is “Bridge The Gap”…their mission is to provide disaster relief from the moment the disaster happens until the conventional aid organizations (like The Red Cross) take over.  They provide necessary services like  search and rescue, medical care , debris removal, command and control support with other agencies, logistical assistance, home repair and other tasks as needed.

But they do more than just disaster relief.  The majority of their volunteers are US military veterans…many of whom are returning home from war.  At a time when veterans can feel out of place and have trouble getting back to their normal lives, Team Rubicon gives them a mission, a renewed sense of purpose and a place to use the skills they gained while at war.  It really is such a great organization.

Go to their website and read all about them and their missions, both domestic and international.  Then stop by their donation page and help them to continue to do their fantastic work.  Check out their wish list and purchase some of their desperately needed equipment.  Or get involved and become a fundraiser for the organization.  Even if you just share this link and spread the work, you will be helping out so much.

And while you are celebrating tonight with your families, take a moment and give thanks once again for the amazing men and women of our miliary, whose service doesn’t stop when they retire.

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